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Alpha Bonehead
Nickname(s) Bonehead
Species Advanced Mutoid
Origin Ontarious Center
Class Solar Champion

Alpha Bonehead is the third opponent in Power Punch II.

Bonehead is a large humanoid with green skin, wearing purple rags and white socks. He has a white unibrow or ridge across his forehead and a single pointed horn on top of his cranium. His two nostrils are arranged vertically along his snout-like face.

His species and backstory suggest that like 9763 Borg he may have once been human, but has mutated over time.


"Years of exposure to deadly radiation has left its mark on Bonehead. He is one tough customer, but gets real upset when you interrupt his punching sequence."


  • In the unreleased Mike Tyson version of the game his name was instead Limey Bonehead. In addition to referring to his green coloration, the term "Limey" may have been dropped for its occasional use as a pejorative towards English citizens.