First bout of Another World Circuit. Note the circuit name at the top-left, the titles Little Mac has, and the rankings.

Another World Circuit is a hidden fourth circuit in the Punch-Out!! series that, so far, has only appeared in Punch-Out!!. It can only be accessed by entering the special passcode 135-792-4680 in the passcode continue option and simultaneously pressing the A, B, and Select buttons to enter it.

In this circuit, Little Mac supposedly has the Minor, Major, and World Circuit titles, yet despite this has a 0-0 record and is Ranked #9. This only occurs if you have just started up the game from scratch. If you have just finished the World Circuit, reset, and enter the code, your record will be preserved. (See pictures to the right)

First bout of Another World Circuit. Note the record being kept after the completion of the game's first loop.

If Little Mac fails to win any match in Another World Circuit, the Game is Over screen appears.

If Little Mac succeeds in beating Mike Tyson / Mr. Dream, his round time will be shown below the message about his "finger speed." In the World Circuit, the time is not shown.

Boxers[edit | edit source]

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