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Aran Ryan
Aran Ryan Wii.png
Rated at 160 lbs. (73 kg)
Height 6' 1" (185 cm)
Nationality Irish
Age 23
From Dublin, Ireland
Stance Orthodox
First appearance Super Punch-Out!! (February 1994)
Boxing record
Rank #3 World Circuit1
#4 World Circuit1
Total fights 28
Wins 18
Wins by KO 16
Losses 10

Aran Ryan (アラン・ライアン Aran Raian) is a fictional Irish boxer who appears in the 1994 video game Super Punch-Out!! and the 2009 video game Punch-Out!!. In both games, he holds the lowest-ranked title in the World Circuit.


Super Punch-Out!! (1994)[]

Aran Ryan
Aran Ryan.png
Rated at 160 lbs (73 kg)
Nationality Irish
Age 23
From Dublin, Ireland
Boxing record
Rank #3 World Circuit
Total fights 28
Wins 18
Losses 10
Sprite aran ryan.gif

In the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!!, Aran Ryan is the spiritual successor to Pizza Pasta and a palette swap of Piston Hurricane. He is introduced in a similar way to Piston Hurricane, except he does four punches before coming towards his opponent to start. He tends to have aggressive expressions during the match, but appears calmer when at a corner. Aran borrows a tactic from Pizza Pasta, which is hugging his opponent. However, unlike Pizza Pasta, this hugging move allows him to regain stamina. When he gets punched in the face, he'll sometimes hop around the ring (out of range of the player's attacks), growl, spring back into range, and perform a special attack. This attack is a fast combo dance that is similar to Piston Hurricane's signature move Hurricane Rush, but he throws his punches faster and performs the attack twice, attacking with an uppercut to mark each finished phase. He then finishes the attack with another uppercut before returning to his normal fighting stance.

Dizzy KD: Aran Ryan spins to the side, then to the center. Punch him when he is centering.

Instant Knockdown: Punch him before he gets to the center before his jab combo.

In addition, he is weak to hooks and uppercuts. After taking one, he will turn around, raise his arms once, and then raise his arms again after a short pause. Then, on his corner man's word, he will try to grab Mac. This attack involves Ryan grabbing Mac, putting a vice-like grip on him, shaking him about, and then throwing him back to hit him with an uppercut. This attack restores Aran Ryan's health and can't be avoided if the player doesn't hit him between the two times he raises his arms. However, if the player times a body blow or hook correctly, he'll drop his guard, cancelling the attack and leaving himself open for another one. Players can use this to string together a sequence of punches, potentially knocking him down without any risk of repercussion.


  • Jab: Aran Ryan does a jab. Cannot be blocked low.
  • Hook: A standard hook. Cannot be blocked low.
  • Body Blow: A hook targeting the body. Cannot be ducked or blocked high.
  • Uppercut. A basic uppercut. Cannot be blocked.
  • Double Jab Combo: Ryan dances around, growls and returns to the center before doing two sets of six jabs and and uppercut after both sets of jabs. It is possible to dodge all of this, but it is not advised, not only due to the move's high speed, but also due to the fact that the player would have to dodge 24 punches per phase - as opposed to just blocking 6 consecutive punches - in addition to the uppercuts.
  • "Grab him!": When hit with a hook or uppercut, the cornerman says this, Ryan turns around, and comes in to grab the player to steal their stamina. Once his grab is finished, Aran Ryan does an uppercut. Notice how Aran Ryan moves his arms twice before the grab. Hitting him between each arm movement stuns him.

Glitch: If Aran Ryan is knocked out as he starts his jab combo while Little Mac's health is low, both he and Little Mac will be knocked down simultaneously. This will cause the game to become softlocked, requiring the game to be reset.

He is voiced by Charles Martinet.

Punch-Out!! (2009)[]

Aran Ryan
Aran Ryan.jpg
Rated at 160 lbs (73 kg)
Height 6' 1" (185 cm)
Nationality Irish
Age 23
From Dublin, Ireland
Boxing record
Rank #4 World Circuit
Total fights 28
Wins 18
Wins by KO 16
Losses 10

Aran Ryan reappears in Punch-Out!! (Wii), holding the #4 position in the World Circuit. He sports a taller, more slender build this time around. His looks were updated to give him a more disheveled, psychotic look with a personality to match. His new character also takes more inspiration from his cultural background; he speaks in a heavy Irish accent and his shorts have a shamrock on the waistband. In this installment of Punch-Out!!, Aran Ryan is portrayed as being unpopular with the boxing audience in a similar manner to Super Macho Man, with the audience frequently booing him and his actions. Unlike Super Macho Man, however, he doesn't seem to mind.

Aran's pre-match cutscenes show that he is a cruel individual who likes to mess with fellow boxers during their training sessions; for example, he is seen tickling a boxer while he's lifting weights. He is also not above cheating, as evidenced by him stuffing horseshoes into his gloves. Additionally, he vandalizes a poster of Little Mac for his own amusement. This teasing behavior carries over into the ring, where he urges Mac to hit him during fights and comments "Keep hittin' me, I love it!" during intermission. It is evident that he does this to taunt Mac, but whether this is purely teasing or an implication that he is masochistic on some level is unknown. He also seems to be as win-berserk as Bald Bull, not caring if he cheats or gets beaten up a lot because he thinks he will always prevail. Additionally, Ryan is also fond of taunting his opponents while they're down. If the player loses to him, he will shake the ropes while screaming, then grab the camera, growl and smash the camera's lens with his head.

In order to stun him, let alone hurt him, players must counter-punch his overhead punch and left hook, as he is quick to recover when Mac dodges one of his punches. If Mac dodges an attack and counters, he'll return the favor with a counter-uppercut, which can be dodged, then hit for a star, though the player must be quick to be successful. His fighting style was also changed completely from his previous appearance; he is very quick and can be difficult to hit as he spends most of the match outside of Little Mac's reach. Because he is out of reach most of the time, the player must stun him before using a star punch in order for it to be successful. He tends to bounce off the ropes to add some speed to his moves and he'll also use headbutting. When he first gets up from being knocked down, he'll start using a headbutt where he launches himself from the rope and attempts to hit the player for massive damage. There are four remedies for this, however: block and counter it for a star, intercept for a nine-punch stun, counter with a star punch to knock him down or block then use a 3-star punch to instantly KO him. Blocks must be timed very precisely; otherwise, he can break through the block and deal damage.

He is voiced by Stephen Webster in this game.



  • Counter his right uppercut.
  • Dodge his counter-uppercut in the opposite way you hit him and hook/jab him, the second hit has to be very fast.
  • Hit him during his taunt as he speaks/flashes yellow. Punching too early will not earn you a star.
  • Block his headbutt and hit him (Doesn't work if you block too early).


  • Overhand: Aran Ryan comes from the center before winding his right fist up followed with an overhead punch. Intercept it for a stun.
  • Hook: Ryan comes from the player's right with a hook. Intercept it for a stun.
  • Uppercut: Ryan comes from the player's left with an uppercut. Counter it for a star.
  • Counter-Uppercuts: Comes from Aran Ryan's left hand. Dodge semi-early and hook for a star. Only performed if you evade an attack and hit Ryan.
  • Taunt: Stops to wipe his nose before approaching Mac, taunting him to come at him. Jab him when he starts talking (when he flashes yellow) for a star.
  • Headbutt: Ryan's Contender signature move. He'll jump back to the ropes in the back of the ring, then launch at the player with a headbutt. Block just before impact and jab Ryan for a star, or counter it for a nine-punch stun. It can also be dodged.

Instant Knockdowns:

  • Counter his headbutt with a star punch.
  • Use a three-star punch on his taunt.

Instant Knockouts:

  • Block his headbutt, then use a three-star punch while Ryan recovers.
  • Land 7 star punches.

Stun Limits:

  • Any attack: 7
  • Countering his headbutt (as fast possible): 9

Glitch: Correctly timing a punch on Aran Ryan's Counter uppercut will have the punch land, but Aran Ryan will not react, instead continuing the punch and hitting Little Mac.

Title Defense Mode[]

Aran Ryan
Rated at 160 lbs (73 kg)
Height 6' 1" (185 cm)
Nationality Irish
Age 23
From Dublin, Ireland
Boxing record
Rank Challenger (#5 World Circuit)
Total fights 29
Wins 18
Wins by KO 16
Losses 11

Aran Ryan returns to challenge Mac and win the Champion's belt, now wearing dark blue shorts and Little Mac's gloves. His new cutscenes show that he wanted to defeat Mac so badly, he created a weapon to use in the ring: one of his old purple boxing gloves (presumably stuffed with something) tied to a rope, which he swings like a flail during the match. He got the idea after having to replace his old boxing gloves, seeing how they had become so worn his fingers were sticking out through the front of them, and noticing a rope in the trash can he was going to throw his gloves away in. During the intermission, the audience throws objects in anger at Aran after he taunts Mac, namely soda bottles, bunches of bananas and pizza at him, while he angrily taunts the audience. The audience will boo him if he hits Mac with a headbutt, uses his elbow smash, or attempts to hit Mac with his flail. If the player loses to him in Title Defense Mode, he will celebrate by performing a traditional Irish dance and scream, "You're...OUT!".

During the match, Ryan is noticeably faster, with a brand new strategy featuring new attacks. He also gains the ability to attack as he drops to the mat if his health is depleted, and is the only character to do so. Despite this, he is slightly easier to predict, as every time Mac counters one of his attacks, he will always attempt a headbutt or an elbow smash. His new headbutt can be blocked in the same fashion as his old one, then countered for a star, but the timing is even stricter. His elbow attacks can be countered for a star as well.

Ryan's new flail weapon is fairly easy to predict and avoid: he will swing the weapon out of Little Mac's range in a particular pattern, before stepping forward and repeating the pattern to hit Mac. There are only three patterns, which he will execute at fixed points in the match. When his health drops below one quarter before he has been knocked down, he will swing once overhead and once down. When he has been knocked down once, he will swing twice overhead and once down. Once he has been knocked down twice, he will swing twice overhead and twice down for the remainder of the match. If all swings are dodged, Ryan will scream in frustration, leaving him wide open for a counterattack and an opportunity to obtain a star.


  • Evade all swings from the Rope Attack and land seven punches.
  • Counter his right uppercut.
  • Block his headbutt and jab him.
  • Counter either elbow smash.
  • Counter his counter-uppercut.
  • Block his counter-headbutt and jab him


  • Overhead: Aran Ryan comes from the center with an overhead punch. Intercept it and he will counter attack.
  • Hook: Ryan comes from the player's right with a hook. Intercept it and he will counter attack.
  • Uppercut: Ryan comes from the player's left with an uppercut. Counter it for a star.
  • Counter-Uppercuts: Comes from 2 directions. Dodge semi-early and time a punch well for a star. Performed after Ryan is freed from a stun.
  • Headbutt: Ryan jumps back to the ropes in the back of the ring, then launches at the player with a headbutt. Block just before impact and hit Ryan for a star, or counter it for a seven-punch stun. It can also be dodged.
  • Counter-Headbutt: A headbutt that cannot be countered. Block just before impact and hit Ryan for a star. Dodge and hit him for a stun. Only used after you counter his attack.
  • Elbow Smash: A quick elbow smash that can be countered for a star. Dodge and hit him for a stun. Only used after you counter his attack.
  • Delayed Elbow Smash: An elbow smash that can be countered for a star. Dodge and hit him for a stun. Only used after you counter his attack.
  • Rope Attack: Aran Ryan steps back pulls out his secret weapon: a boxing glove on a rope, acting as a flail. He swings it around two to four times to show you which the order of his swings. He can swing the flail two different ways: horizontally, which you have to duck, and vertically, which you have to dodge. There are three variations of the attack, depending on how many times he's been knocked down. Before his first knockdown, he will do one horizontal swing and one vertical swing. Before his second knockdown, he will do two horizontal swings and one vertical swing. After his second knockdown, he will do two horizontal swings and two vertical swings. If all of the swings are successfully avoided, Ryan will scream in frustration, leaving him vulnerable for a stun attack, giving a star upon landing the seventh hit after the stun.
  • Desperate Attack: When knocked down, Ryan will use the flail to smack you while heading to the mat. Duck if you finished him with a jab and dodge if with a hook. If this hits you, it will always set your hearts to 1, but will not knock you down.

Instant Knockout:

  • Knock him down with a jab. Then, use a precisely-timed Star Punch when he is about to fall down when the weapon is fully extended behind his back.

Instant Knockdowns:

  • Counter the Left Elbow-counter with a Star Punch before Ryan lunges forward.
  • Counter the Right Elbow-counter with a Star Punch after knocking him back.

Stun Limits

  • Any Attack: 7


  • If the player uses an uppercut on his counter-headbutt at the right time, he will not flinch (Little Mac will not flinch either if done in an even narrower time window), but both boxers will take damage. However, this glitch will not work if the hit would knock him down, making it impossible for both him and the player to be knocked down this way.
  • If a Star Punch is executed the moment he presents the gloves for the Rope Attack, the camera angle will become stuck in the same angle as when the Rope Attack began. The camera angle is restored when either he or Little Mac are knocked down.

Exhibition Challenges[]


  1. Land 7 Star Punches during the fight!
  2. TKO or KO Aran Ryan without getting hit!
  3. Find 4 different ways to earn Stars.

(It's possible to do all Contender challenges at once. At the start of the fight, immediately find all 4 star opportunities then land your 3 star punch. Land 7 more stars to immediately KO him without getting hit.)

Title Defense:

  1. Win the fight by TKO...
  2. Earn a star from EVERY Rope Attack and still win the fight!
  3. Defeat Aran Ryan in the 7th minute of the fight!

Rule Infractions[]

In Super Punch-Out!!, Aran Ryan has only four rule infractions.

As per the unified rules of boxing established by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combat Sport:

  • When he gets hit with a hook or uppercut, he takes a knee, which counts as him being knocked down.
  • Upon him selling the impact of the punch, he shows his back. This counts as throwing the match, which is not allowed.
  • In the manual it reveals that Aran was endlessly teased in school and takes out his frustrations on everyone who faces him, this assuming that Aran has anger issues, he wouldn't be allowed to compete until he gets his temper under control.
  • His record is 18-10. Competing in professional boxing requires at least 20 wins on the fighter's record, meaning Aran needs to win 2 more matches in order to compete in the World Circuit.

However, in the 2009 Punch-Out!! game, Aran Ryan is the most dishonest boxer in the entire series. Fitting in with his depiction as a dirty cheater, he has the most amount of rule infractions out of all of the characters, which raises the question of what happened to him in the transition to the Wii game.

As per the unified rules of boxing established by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combat Sport:

  • His record is 18-10. Competing in professional boxing requires at least 20 wins, meaning Aran needs to win 2 more matches in order to compete in the World Circuit.
  • Normally, hair tails are allowed in boxing as long as they are short enough, but Ryan's hair tail is too long to be approvable, meaning he need to cut it off.
  • Headbutts are not allowed.
  • Elbow bashes are not allowed.
  • In order to do his headbutt, he jumps off the ropes. This is forbidden, as they are only in place to prevent boxers from falling out of the ring.
  • He places horseshoes in his gloves, which could potentially kill the opponent. That is notably not just a breach of boxing rules, but also the law.
  • In boxing, there is a difference between intending to cheat and actually cheating. Aran throws punches with loaded gloves, which counts as a second rule infraction under these conditions.
  • Opening himself to attack and literally telling Little Mac to hit him may be seen as attempting to throw the fight, which would not be allowed under any conditions.
  • He frequently taunts Mac after knocking him down and in between rounds, which is unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • He attempts to attack Mac before the next round starts. Fighters are only allowed to begin once the referee declares that the round has commenced.
  • As the referee attempts to stop him attacking prematurely, he tosses him to the side. Attacking the referee in real boxing would result in the offender being banned for life.
  • He makes and uses an old, broken glove as an improvised flail. Making a weapon with the intent of using it in the ring is a separate infraction from actually using it, so this would count as two infractions.
    • Additionally, the rope counts as a foreign object, which is not allowed in the ring.
    • He uses the rope to create his weapon. This counts as the use of a foreign object which is a separated infraction.
    • The glove he uses is also implied to be the same one he tried replacing due to its poor condition. Boxing gloves must all be in a good enough condition for use or they will be replaced by the venue.
  • Upon losing all his health, he'll try and throw one last attack at Mac despite having been knocked against the ropes. Once a combatant is knocked down, they cannot throw any more punches until they get up and the referee resumes the fight.
  • During corner breaks in Title Defense fights, he threatens the audience with violence after they throw food and garbage into the ring.
  • When Mac gets knocked down, Aran Ryan moves to the side to taunt him. While it's against the rules for boxers to step away from their corner when their opponent is knocked out, the camera angle makes it unclear whether he stepped far enough away to get an infraction.
  • When he wins against Mac in the contender mode, he will headbutt the camera, smashing the lens. Assuming Aran Ryan is being filmed by a cameraman for TV broadcasting, this is destruction of WVBA property and would garner him at least a hefty fine to pay for a new one.
  • While it's unknown exactly what he could suffer from, Aran Ryan, due to his erratic behaviour, shows several signs of suffering from some mental disorder (this may explain to what happened to him in the transition to the Wii game). Meaning it's unlikely he would be allowed to compete until his mental state improves.
  • When getting hit by a star punch, he spins to sell the move. In that moment he shows his back, this counts as throwing the match which is not allowed.

While the shamrock on his belt would count as personal branding which is normally illegal, most Irish boxing shorts have shamrocks on it to give them good luck, which makes his shamrock approvable.

Aran Ryan has 24.5 infractions.



Super Punch-Out!! (SNES)

  • "Your wimpy little punches won't even faze me." (first match)
  • "All I have to do is stop your KO Punches and this match will easily be mine." (rematch)
  • "Oooh! You're the first with such heavy punches." (endgame)
  • "Augh!" (after being hit by Mac)
  • "Ooh!" (after being hit by a hook or uppercut)
  • "HUAGGH!!!!" (after being knocked down)
  • "Grab him!" (Ryan's corner man, telling him to grab the player)
  • "Grr!" (before his jab combo)
  • "GRR! GRR!" (Before his grab)

Punch-Out!! (Wii)

  • "Ye' don't look Irish!" (When selecting him as the opponent in Contender Mode)
  • "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! Let's go! Let's go!" (before the match, also plays in a deeper version if you select him in Title Defense mode)
  • "Come on, boy!" (Taunt)
  • "Come on boy, come on!" (Taunt)
  • "Is that it?" (Taunt)
  • "Fightin's like BREATHIN', Mac!" (during intermission)
  • "Keep hittin' me! I love it!" (during intermission)
  • "If ye lie down with dogs, ye'll rise up with fleas!" (after knocking down Little Mac)
  • "You prob'ly got cheeseburgers in those gloves, have ya, Mac?!" (after knocking down Little Mac)
  • "You pretty like me sister!" (after knocking down Little Mac)
  • "RAAAAAAAAHHAAHAAAAAAAA!!! GRRRRRAAAHH!!!" (after winning the match in Contender)
  • "Whaddaya ya lookin' at, Little Mac?! Huh!?" (during Title Defense intermission)
  • "Me sister hits harder than you, boy!" (during Title Defense intermission)
  • "Come on, come on... Grrrr, what are you (the ref) looking at!?" (Title Defense 2nd and 3rd round)
  • "Here's one of me favorites, Mac." (before executing his Rope Attack with the first combination)
  • "You gonna love this, Mac!" (before executing his Rope Attack with the last combination)
  • "Try this one on for size!" (before executing his Rope Attack with the second combination)
  • "NOOOOOOOO! I DON'T BELIEVE IT! NO! NO! NO! NO!" (Rope Attack misses. Note that the part after him screaming "NOOO!" is cut off)
  • "Huh!? Whozzat!? Let's go! I'll take a piece of you now! Hey! You think you're a man, do ya!? Oh, you think I'm funny, huh!? C'mon! Uh! Ah! Uh!" (Title Defense Intermission, during the crowd's jeering)
  • "YERRRRROUT!" (after winning the match in Title Defense)

Doc Louis' Tips

  • "Mmmm... mmm! Don't you just love to hate this guy?"
  • "Be first, Mac. I want you to be first. Beat Aran Ryan to the punch!"
  • "Mac, it's time to send this joker packing! Hit him so hard he'll see rainbows!"
  • "Aran Ryan's luck is about to run out! Knock him out with your Star Punch, baby!"
  • "Can you believe this?! This sucka need to use a weapon to take ya down! Duck and weave his attacks and then lay a poundin'!"
  • "That's the way, Mac baby. Aran Ryan couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!"
  • "Listen up, Mac baby. I've seen this before. Aran Ryan is all bark and no bite. No bite, baby!"
  • "Let's go, son! Aran Ryan's fast, but you gotta be faster! Let's beat this chump to the punch! Beat him to the punch, Mac! You got it!"
  • "Hey kid, looks like luck is on your side. But you don't need it! Show this sucka your lucky punch!"


  • Aran Ryan shares many similarities with Pizza Pasta. Similarities include having the same special attack, both having the same palettes, wearing green, and looking very similar. However, it is unknown if Aran Ryan was intended to replace Pizza Pasta in any fashion.
  • In Punch-Out!! (Wii), Aran Ryan's design and the circumstances surrounding his fights contain many references to the number 7. 7 is considered lucky in many Western cultures, and Ireland is heavily associated with luck.
    • The number of repeated letters in his full name is 7 (all the A's, N's, and R's).
    • In the Contender intro cutscene on the fourth panel, Aran is shown having 7 teeth on the upper jaw and 7 teeth on the lower jaw.
    • During his Contender fight:
      • Little Mac can only have up to 7 hearts.
      • After stunning him, Ryan can take a maximum of 7 hits before he breaks out of the stun (with the exception of countering his headbutt in Contender Mode).
      • He always gets up at the count of 7.
      • He gives 7 opportunities for stars per round.
      • Altogether, there are 7 Knockout and Knockdown windows.
      • Landing 7 star punches immediately KOs Ryan.
      • Ryan's unique KO and TKO animation is 7 seconds long.
    • During his Title Defense fight:
      • Counting his 2 counter-uppercuts separately, his 3 rope attacks separately, and his desperate attacks, Ryan has 7 new moves.
      • The minimum amount of punches to knock out Ryan with is 14, which is double of 7.
      • There are 7 opportunities to gain a star from Ryan.
    • Two Exhibition Challenges have to do with the number seven:
      • "Land 7 Star Punches during the fight!"
      • "Defeat Aran Ryan in the 7th minute of the fight!"
    • His stats:
      • Ryan's initial record is for 28 total fights, which is a multiple of 7.
      • His Technical Knockout count is 16 KO. The separate digits of 16 can be added to make 7.
      • After beating Ryan in Contender without Little Mac losing, his record becomes 18-11. 18 minus 11 is 7.
      • The sums of the digits of Ryan's height in both imperial units (6'01") and metric units (185cm) are a multiple of 7.
      • Likewise, the sum of the digits of Ryan's weight in pounds (160 lbs) is 7.
    • He is the 7th opponent to have an Instant KO.
  • In addition to the recurring theme of sevens, the shamrock on the waistband of his shorts and the horseshoes he stuffs in his shoes are also common symbols of good luck.
  • In Super Punch-Out!! (SNES), he and Piston Hurricane are the only palette swaps that don’t share the same KO animation.
  • Aran Ryan, Bald Bull, Super Macho Man and Mr. Sandman are the only fighters who attack the Referee. Coincidentally, all of these fighters are in the World Circuit.
  • When he wins, the audience seems to be cheering for him. This contrasts with the usual negative reception he is met with.
  • In Title Defense mode, it is impossible for Little Mac to be knocked down by Aran Ryan's Desperate Attack, as it deals damage based on a percentage of Mac's current health and not a fixed amount. This may be because the game is not programmed to handle both the player and the opponent being knocked down at the same time.
    • This also applies to Champion's Mode, making it the only move in this mode that won't instantly knock Mac down.
  • Despite coming from Ireland, Aran Ryan does not speak in Irish. This is because Dublin isn't part of a region of the country that predominantly speaks Irish.
  • In the Wii version of Punch-Out!!, his fights are the only fights where Little Mac has to step back while his opponent is knocked down. The reason for this is his desperate attacks, which cause him to fall down on the mat the closest to Mac of all the other opponents.
  • Aran Ryan's frequent attempts to assault the camera in Punch-Out!! (Wii) make him one of the few characters in the series to break the fourth wall.
  • He mentions having a sister in the Wii version. It is unknown if he truly has a sister or is only taunting Little Mac.
  • Aran Ryan is one of the few boxers in the Wii version that doesn't block punches. The others are Great Tiger (in his Contender match) and Donkey Kong.
  • If the player wins by normal TKO in Punch-Out!! (Wii) without triggering the special animation, Aran Ryan lies so far forward on the mat while knocked down that the referee would presumably step on his head when stepping to the center of the ring. The camera angle changes just before this, however, hiding Ryan off-screen.
    • The camera angle when the referee steps in to announce the TKO is also slightly to the side and closer to his face than normal; this is presumably to keep Aran Ryan out of the shot to mask the oversight.
  • Aran and Nick Bruiser are the only characters who never smile in Super Punch-Out!!. This contrasts with the Wii version, where Aran Ryan constantly smiles.
  • He is one of three boxers in Title Defense with a faster perfect time than their Contender fight. The others are Piston Hondo and Disco Kid.
  • He and Disco Kid are the only characters in Punch-Out!! (Wii) to not be referenced in Super Smash Bros. in some way.
  • Aran Ryan is one of only two non-American boxers in Punch-Out!! (Wii) to speak English, the other one being Bear Hugger.
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