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Bald Bull
Bald Bull Wii.png
Nickname(s) The Reckless Bald Bull, Mask X
Rated at 298 lbs (135.17 kg)1, 2, 3
290 lbs (131.54 kg)4
Height 6' 2" (1.88 m)
Nationality Turkish
Age 36
From Istanbul, Turkey
Stance Orthodox
First appearance Punch-Out!! (1984)
Boxing record
Rank WVBA Ranked Number 51
Major Circuit Champion, #3 World Circuit, #4 Another World Circuit2
Minor Circuit Champion3
#2 World Circuit4
Total fights 281
382, 3
Wins 34
Wins by KO 291
Losses 41, 2

Bald Bull (ボールド・ブル Bōrudo Buru) has made the most video game appearances out of any of the Punch-Out!! boxers. Bald Bull first appeared as the third opponent in the 1984 arcade game Punch-Out!!. Bald Bull makes another comeback on the 1994 SNES in Super Punch-Out!! as the Minor Circuit Champion. Bald Bull can also be found in a cameo appearance as Mask X in the 1985 arcade game Arm Wrestling. Bald Bull has also appeared as a Hasbro Action Figure and in a Topps trading card series. Most recently, Bald Bull appeared in Punch Out Wii in 2009, as the #2 contender of the World Circuit.

Nicknamed "The Reckless Bald Bull", Bald Bull has become a video game icon and has earned a special place in the world of Nintendo, most recently making a return as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Punch-Out!! (1984)[]

Bald Bull
Arcade bald bull.gif
Rated at 298 lbs. (135 kg)
Nationality Turkish
From Istanbul, Turkey
Boxing record
Rank WVBA Ranked Number 5
Bald bull.png

Bald Bull first appeared as the third opponent in the 1984 arcade game Punch-Out!!, where he was one of the heaviest opponents in the game. He'd attack much more and much quicker than the previous challengers. It takes quite some defending skills to defeat him, as he'll punch the player a lot, and use uppercuts more often than any opponent previously met by the player. He will also use a move where he goes back, jumps towards the player, and uses a strong uppercut that knocks the player down, instantly. If it's countered, he'll get knocked down instantly. Bald Bull dodges a lot more than the previous opponents. He has blue gloves and blue stripes on his shorts, instead of red, after Little Mac gets the Heavyweight Belt.

Arm Wrestling (1985)[]

Mask X
B03 - mask x (big).png
Rated at 298 lbs. (135 kg)
Nationality Turkish
From Istanbul, Turkey
Boxing record
Bald Bull disguised as Mask X

Bald Bull appears as the third opponent in Arm Wrestling, disguised as Mask X. The only way to defeat him is by pulling his mask off, and then he'll be open for attack. The reward for defeating him is 50,000 points. Even though it's against the rules in arm wrestling, Bald Bull sometimes leans back and tries to headbutt them (cheating), allowing him an opportunity to pull back their hand while they are stunned from it. If this happens five times in a single match then it will result in an instant loss, regardless of how much time is remaining.

After the 1st loop, Mask X is fought as the 2nd opponent instead of Kabuki, and introduces Skulls after you counter him. If you press the button on a skull, the opponent will reverse your counter and pull your arm down. To avoid a skull, you must wait until it turns into an arrow, then you are free to press the button on the arrow. Additionally, he will attempt to use his Bull Charge headbutt twice in a row, dodging them both will grant the player with Power. The fight still ends the same way, by pulling off his mask, revealing Bald Bull.

Bald Bull in Arm Wrestling after having his mask pulled off.

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!/Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (1987 & 1990)[]

Bald Bull
Nes bald bull.gif
Nickname(s) The Reckless Bald Bull
Rated at 298 lbs. (135 kg)
Nationality Turkish
Age 36
From Istanbul, Turkey, 1951
Boxing record
Rank Major Circuit Champion, #3 World Circuit, #4 Another World Circuit
Total fights 38
Wins 34
Wins by KO 29
Losses 4
Bald Bull.png

Bald Bull returned to the ring in the NES game Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! in 1987; in which Little Mac first encounters him as the Major Circuit Champion and then later on as the #3 ranked competitor in the WVBA World Circuit.

In Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Bald Bull is most famous for his special move: now called the 'Bull Charge,' in which he backs up several steps and then charges forward at an alarming rate, delivering a fast powerful uppercut. It can send Mac to the canvas in a single hit. Big right hooks, uppercuts, and spinning jabs are also part of Bald Bull's moveset. Also, he breaks out of a stun so fast that uppercuts cannot land into the stun (in his first version). Bald Bull returns later in the World Circuit even more powerful than before. Whenever Bald Bull defeats Little Mac, he starts mocking him by laughing at Mac's beaten body. While most boxers go airborne when they get knocked out, Bald Bull simply walks to the edge of the ring and drops. The second Bald Bull can be knocked down only by an uppercut or a Bull Charge counter; he does not go down when his health meter reaches zero, it just fills up again. Due to this, Bald Bull will dodge every uppercut if he is standing still. Bald Bull is also the only character, other than Little Mac, that can get back up on the count of 9 but he can only do this during the second fight against him. His palette swap is Mr. Sandman.


  • Left Jab: Bald Bull spins his fists and throws a jab. This can be dodged, ducked, blocked or countered with a jab.
  • Right Hook: Bald Bull moves his fists up and down, then throws a hook. This can be evaded in the same way as the jab, but it can only be countered with a left jab.
  • Uppercut: Bald Bull crouches down and throws an uppercut. Can be dodged or ducked.
  • Bull Charge: Bald Bull goes to the back of the ring, then jumps forward quickly and throws an uppercut. This, if it lands, will knock Little Mac down. If this is dodged, he will jump back and do it again until this is countered with a body blow, Mac is knocked down, or the round ends. In Bald Bull's second fight, if the first Bull Charge is dodged, he will do a quicker one with a bigger timing window.

Instant Knockdown: Counter the Bull Charge.

Instant Knockout (second fight): Counter the Bull Charge in Round 3.

Super Punch-Out!! (1994)[]

Bald Bull
Snes bald bull.gif
Rated at 290 lbs. (132 kg)
Nationality Turkish
Age 36
From Istanbul, Turkey
Boxing record
Rank Minor Circuit Champion
Total fights 53
Wins 34
Wins by KO 29
Losses 19
Sprite bald bull.gif

Bald Bull returns in Super Punch-Out!! as the Minor Circuit Champion. He has a weaker defense and slower attacks than other games, but he still has his powerful 'Bull Charge'. Unlike in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, Bald Bull won't keep using the Bull Charge until he hits the player or the round is over. He can also be defeated a lot quicker in the game as he doesn't block punches as much as he did in the previous games and he can't take as many punches. If he wins against your boxer by KO, he will 'Woo' twice and laugh at you but with a laugh of his own. If the win is by time up, he will squat down and uppercut.

He is a palette swap of Mr. Sandman, who later appears in the game as the Major Circuit Champion.


  • Jab: A simple jab. Cannot be low blocked.
  • Hook: Bald Bull does a hook. Cannot be low blocked.
  • Body Blow: Bald Bull attacks the body. Cannot be high blocked or ducked.
  • Uppercut: Bald Bull squats down and does an uppercut. Cannot be blocked.
  • Bull Charge: Bald Bull goes to the back of the ring, hops three times and does an uppercut that knocks the player down if it lands. It is possible that he will attempt again.
  • "Counter-attack!": When the cornerman says this, Bald Bull will do multiple Bull Charges in a row, alternating between two hops and a left uppercut, and three hops and a right uppercut.
  • Squat Combo: Bald Bull squats a bit and throws two uppercuts.
  • Head Shake Combo: Bald Bull shakes his head, then throws three jabs and an uppercut.

Instant Knockdown: Counter the Bull Charge with a body blow or hook.

Dizzy Knockdown: Bald Bull will spin around and move in a circle. Punch him when he is in the center.

Opponent Debug Commands:

Nothing on D-Pad Left Uppercut Left Body Blow Right Uppercut Right Body Blow
Up Bull Charge Left Jab Head Shake Combo Jab Right Hook
Down Head Shake Quick Bull Charge Quick Bull Charge Bull Charge with follow up

Punch-Out!! (2009)[]

Bald Bull
1026491-punch out wii wiki prop bald bull 01 super.png
Rated at 298 lbs. (135 kg)
Height 6' 2"
Nationality Turkish
Age 36
From Istanbul, Turkey
Boxing record
Rank #2 World Circuit
Total fights 38
Wins 34
Wins by KO 29
Losses 4

Bald Bull makes a return in the Wii version of Punch-Out!! as the #2 contender in the World Circuit. Bald Bull is a very berserk boxer, almost like Mr. Sandman's personality. He also acts more like his name as he now grunts and moos like an actual bull. He retains his Bull Charge, but instead of bouncing, he runs towards you. During his "Bull Charge" animation, he will randomly stall when he does his Bull Charge. However, this can be countered by waiting to see when steam is exhaled from his nostrils, signaling that the Bull Charge is about to occur. When Bald Bull raises his fist to do the uppercut, do a hook for an instant knockdown. His other attacks include a powerful hook and two different kinds of jabs.

His montage shows he is hounded by the paparazzi, even in the bath. This eventually sets off his temper, as he then proceeds to attack the paparazzi. He is also a masochist (as shown when he bashes his face against his ring post) and cares little about the spectators (tossing his dumbbell into the audience). He is presumably immune to hooks as he only allows one in a stun, after which, the stun will immediately end. He is voiced by Turkish voice actor Erse Yagan. If you lose to him, he will mock Little Mac by acting like a chicken.



  • Throw a delayed jab after the stun on his jab.
  • Jab him when he laughs during his taunt.
  • Throw two delayed jabs after the stun on his uppercut.
  • Counter his "Al lan" hook with a left jab. The timing is strict.
  • Counter his uppercut with a left jab. The timing is strict.


  • Left Jab: He will roll his fists, like TD Disco Kid's taunt, then throw a jab after a short delay. Avoiding it will start a two-punch stun.
  • Right Jab: Like its counterpart, but a little faster than his other hand.
  • Taunt: Bald Bull stands up straight and laughs at you. Happens if you are hit by a certain Right Uppercut in his attack pattern. Jab him when he laughs for a star.
  • "Al lan" Hook: Bald Bull says "Al lan!!" then throws a hook that can be dodged to the left or ducked. Dodging it will start a four-punch stun.
  • Uppercut: A strong, fast right uppercut. Dodging it will start a four-punch stun.
  • Bull Charge: Bald Bull's signature move. He will step to the back of the ring, snorting and stomping his feet. When steam blows from his nose, he will charge at you with an extremely strong uppercut. If it hits you, you will instantly be knocked down; however, countering with a hook right when he reaches you will instantly knock him down.

Instant Knockdown:

  • Counter the Bull Charge by a hook or a Star Punch of any amount.

Instant Knockout:

  • Throw a Three-Star Punch on his Bull Charge for a KO (only works if you haven't been hit).

Stun Limits:

  • His Jab: 2 and a delayed jab
  • His Hook (if ducked): 3 and a delayed jab
  • His Hook (if dodged): 4
  • His Uppercut: 4 to 7 (depending on how early you hit him).

Title Defense Mode[]

Bald Bull
Rated at 298 lbs. (135 kg)
Height 6' 2"
Nationality Turkish
Age 36
From Istanbul, Turkey
Boxing record
Rank Challenger (#3 World Circuit)
Total fights 39
Wins 34
Wins by KO 29
Losses 5

Bald Bull returns as an opponent in Title Defense Mode with a new attack scheme. He looks the same except he now wears burgundy trunks instead of white. Just like in the second fight against him in the NES version, he can only be knocked down with a Star Punch because if you knock him down normally, he will stumble back, straighten himself up, laugh at Mac, and regain 1/4 of his health meter. The reason for this is that, according to his bio slideshow, ever since he lost, he trained against bulls, and found a way to regain his balance after being knocked back.

He maintains his love of self-abuse in Title Defense mode as well (repeatedly punching himself in the face before the fight begins). Unlike the NES version, countering the Bull Charge with a hook counts as a standard punch knockdown, however you do get a star to knock him down for real. Bald Bull can delay his rolling jabs so the player should only react when Bald Bull flashes red. If you lose to the TD version of him, he chases the Ref, yells, and (illegally) headbutts him.


  • Throw two delayed jabs after dodging his rolling jab (timing is very strict).
  • Throw two delayed jabs after the stun on his pumping hook (timing is very strict).
  • Throw two delayed jabs after the stun on his uppercut (timing is very strict).
  • Throw two delayed jabs after the stun on his "Al lan" hook (timing is very strict).
  • Counter the Bull Charge with a normal punch.
  • Counter his pumping hook.
  • Counter his "Al lan" hook.
  • Counter his uppercut.
  • Hit him with a jab during his taunt.
  • Hit him with a jab during his taunt early, and do 2 delayed punches (timing is very strict).
  • If he does his delayed Rolling Jab, and rolls for longer than 1.25 seconds, do a right punch while he still rolls.


  • Rolling Jab: Bald Bull will duck to one side, roll his fists around, and do a jab. If he ducks to his right, the punch will be thrown almost immediately. If he ducks to his left, the punch has 3 types of delays.
  • Pumping Hook: Bald Bull will pump his fists up and down and throw a right hook.
  • "Al lan" Hook: Unlike his Contender move, Bald Bull will raise his left fist, then swing it in a hook after a delay. Used after his first knockdown. It must be dodged to the right or ducked. A dodge will start a three-punch stun, while a duck will start a four-punch stun.
  • Uppercut: A faster, stronger version of his Contender uppercut. Dodging it will start a five to eight-punch stun.
  • Bull Charge: A faster version of the classic Bull Charge. Bald Bull can still delay it. Countering it will not knock him down, but it will still empty his health, though he will recover. You have to use a star punch to finish him.
  • Taunt: The same taunt as Contender. Hit him when he flashes yellow for a star. He will usually do this a couple moves after he recovers from a normal punch knockdown.

Instant Knockdowns:

  • Counter the Bull Charge with a normal punch, then throw a Star Punch before he returns to the center.
  • Counter the Bull Charge with a Star Punch.

Instant Knockouts:

  • Counter his Bull Charge with a Three-Star Punch (only works if you haven't been hit).
  • When he recovers from a Bull Charge counter, use a Three-Star Punch before he returns to the center (only works if you haven't been hit).
  • Counter two Bull Charges with a Star Punch.
  • Knock him down with a three star punch 3 times.


  • Use a star punch when he does the longest delay on his jab. He will dodge, but a punch after that results in a star and Bald Bull will not react.
  • If Bald Bull is one hit away from a knockdown, timing a punch correctly will result in him ending the round with no health, and any punch afterwards will knock him down.
    • If this happens, timing a Star Punch on Bald Bull's uppercut will result in both fighters taking damage at the same time, and Bald Bull will use his hook knockdown animation that can normally be seen only in Contender. The knockdown is not recorded visually (it is internally, the sequence is not started properly), but knocking him down again will count two knockdowns at the same time visually.
    • Little Mac will also not get tired when he runs out of hearts until he counters one of Bald Bull's attacks, gets hit, completes a stun, or uses a Star Punch.

Stun Limits:

  • His Hooks (if dodged): 3
  • His Hooks (if ducked): 4
  • His Uppercut: 5 to 8 (depending on how early you hit him)

Exhibition Challenges[]


  1. Stop the Bull Charge...with a Star Punch!
  2. TKO or KO Bald Bull in Round 1.
  3. Find 4 different ways to earn Stars.

Title Defense:

  1. Land three 3-Star Punches.
  2. Complete Round 1 without taking or dealing damage and still win!
  3. Defeat Bald Bull in less then 100 seconds!

Rule Infractions[]

As per the unified rules of boxing established by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combat Sports:

  • Bald Bull attacks the referee upon winning the match in Title Defense, which is an action that would result in a lifetime ban from boxing, even if it happens outside of the fight.
  • He seems to apply hot towels to his head during corner breaks, being a possible reference to the Turkish practice of barbers placing hot towels on customer's faces to relax them and soften their hair, making it easier to cut off. Only cold towels are allowed to be used in this case. It is possible that he himself is steaming, not the towel, as it is seen in the fight that he gets so rage induced that he literally generates steam due to the sweat instantaneously evaporating due to the body heat.
  • He is shown lifting weights in the corner which some could class as illegal for bringing heavy objects into the ring and using it for an advantage in strength during a match.
    • Upon getting back into a match, he throws the dumbbell he was using into the crowd. This is illegal as it would likely hit and kill someone in the audience, especially considering how close together the spectators are in this case.
  • He shows signs of some mental disease because of his bull-like behavior (such as him seemingly thinking he is a bull, but this could be theatrics). If this is true, he would not be allowed to participate in professional boxing until his mental state improves.
  • In addition, Bald Bull seems to have temper issues, also making him unable to compete.
  • In his Contender slideshow, he is seen making trouble with people after raging. While this is not boxing-relevant, this is still illegal.
  • Bald Bull is seen hurting himself, which is not allowed, even if it doesn't affect him at all.
  • In the NES game, during his second fight, Bald Bull sometimes tries to bait his opponent into hitting him. This counts as taunting, which is considered disrespectful and therefore not allowed.

Bald Bull has 8.5 infractions.

Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS (2014)[]

In this game, Bald Bull appears as a trophy. He has two different descriptions depending on your console region.

NA: This 36-year-old Turkish boxer is in the prime of his career. He often tries to intimidate his opponent before a match even starts. He'll snort through his nose before charging his foe, a move called the Bull Charge. If he lands this blow, you can be sure Little Mac will hit the mat.

PAL: A 36-year-old Turkish boxer in the prime of his career. His name hints at his bullish nature. In the match itself, you'll see him snort through his nostrils before using his special move, the Bull Charge. Little Mac's going to need to keep all his wits about him to avoid being bowled over by that one.

SSB4 - Bald Bull

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Bald Bull appears as a Spirit in the game. He is an Advanced Support spirit that increases Trade-Off Defense. He is also a Shield Spirit with a power of 4,400. His Spirit Battle has him possessing the body of a Giant Little Mac on the Boxing Ring. The enemy’s dash attacks have increased power, most likely to represent the Bull Charge. The enemy has super armor but moves slower. And like all Punch-Out!! Spirits, it‘s a Stamina Battle.



Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream (NES)[]

  • "Doc can't help you now. Will you beg me for help?"
  • "Hey! Little Mac! Maybe Doc should throw you a towel!"
  • "My barber didn't know when to quit… do you?"
  • "This time I'm gonna charge right over you!" (World Circuit only)
  • "Zip your lip, Doc. Little Mac is mine now."

Super Punch-Out!! (SNES)[]

  • "You'll be down for the count with one punch from my "Bull Charge". (first match)
  • "You've got a lot of guts to challenge me again!" (rematch)
  • "Don't be so proud. I pulled my punches when we fought." (endgame)
  • "OOORGH!!!" (After being hit)
  • "ORRRUGH!!!!" (After being knocked down)
  • "Oh, oh, wahahahaha!" (Victory by KO)
  • "Counterattack!" (His cornerman, enabling a flurry of Bull Charges, right after Bald Bull recovers from his second knockdown)

Punch-Out!! (Wii)[]

  • "Ah be...!" (English translation: "Darn it...!")
  • "Al, Al, Al, Al, Al! Yerim seni lan! Waaaaaagh!!" meaning "Agh, agh, agh, agh, agh! I'll eat you!Waaaaaaaah!!(that means he'll beat you)" (Contender intro)
  • "Al lan!!" meaning "Take it!!"
  • "Aman!" meaning "Oh! (closest meaning)"
  • "Ben de onun kemiklerini çatır çutur kırmassam bana da 'Bald Bull' demesinler.", meaning "And if I don't break their bones, then don't call me 'Bald Bull'." (Title Defense pre-Round)
  • "Hey Doc, Mac'e dayak yemeyi mi öğretiyorsun?" meaning "Hey Doc, are you teaching Mac to take a beating?" (Contender Round Intermission)
  • "Allah, kahretsin, kahretsin, kahretsin... KAHRETSIN!" meaning "God damn it, damn it, damn it... DAMN IT!" (Please note that he is not actually swearing. "Kahretsin" is a Turkish word that is used in frustration and doesn't have an exact English equivalent, with "damn it" being the closest, albeit still very loose.) (Title Defense intro)
  • "Karavana!" meaning "Missed!"
  • "Little Mac, heh heh. Yani 'İşe yaramaz Mac'." meaning "Little Mac, heh heh. More like 'Useless Mac'." (Contender Round Intermission)
  • "Seni Bald Bull'dan kimse kurtaramaz!" meaning "No one can save you from Bald Bull!" (Title Defense Round Intermission)
  • "Seni şamar oğlanı yapacağım!" meaning "I'll make you a whipping boy!" (Title Defense Round Intermission)
  • "Şimdi gösteririm!" meaning "I'll show you!" (Contender pre-Round and when Mac recovers from getting knocked down)
  • "Vay be!" meaning "Wow!"
  • "Yerim seni!" meaning "I eat you!"
    • "Var mı lan bana yan bakan? Hayı?! Şakır da şukur! Şakır da şukur! Şakır da şukur! Şakır da şukur!" meaning "Anyone dare to challenge me(Rough Translation)? No?! Chant! Chant! Chant! Chant!" (Contender win)
  • "Bana yan bakana, yan çakarım lan!!" meaning "Whoever looks at me sideways, I'll knock'em off!!" (Title Defense win)

Doc Louis' Tips[]

  • "Gotta have guts, son! Dig down deep!! Stand up to this bull! Knock the bull outta Bald Bull!"
  • "I knew I should have brought my shades. The glare off Bald Bull's big head is hurting my eyes!"
  • "Ok Mac, be patient. Wait for that hook. He's open just before he throws it!"
  • "Hey, Mac baby, tell me something. When Bald Bull washes his face, does he know when to stop? Ha, ha!" (Contender)
  • "Hey, Mac baby! If you can't beat Bald Bull in a fight... how about an arm wrestle? Ha ha ha!" (Contender and Title Defense)
  • "Listen up, Mac baby. Bald Bull won't go down with a normal punch. There's gotta be a way to hurt him!" (Title Defense)
  • "Ok son, check it out, check it out. Seems like I can see your reflection in Bald Bull's forehead!" (Title Defense)
  • "Listen, son. When this sucka starts his Bull Charge, take the bull by the horns, and then stop him in this tracks!"
  • "Hey, son. Remind me never to visit Bald Bull's barber!"
  • “Hey, Mac baby. It’s time to get serious. Stand your ground. Let’s take that bull by the horns!”
  • “Join Club Nintendo today, Mac!”


  • Bald Bull's stereotype is derived from the simile "strong as an ox". In French, this simile is rendered as "fort comme un turc", meaning literally "strong as a Turk".
  • Bald Bull has appeared in almost every Punch-Out!! game, including Arm Wrestling. The only game he didn't appear in was the arcade version of Super Punch-Out!!
  • One of Doc Louis's quotes in regards to fighting Bald Bull has him asking Little Mac if he can beat Bald Bull in arm wrestling, if Little Mac can't beat him in a boxing match. This was a reference to the spin-off game Arm Wrestling, where Bald Bull made a cameo as Mask X to participate in an arm wrestling match.
    • Another one of Doc Louis' quotes has him not wanting to go to Bald Bull's barber. This is in reference to one of Bald Bull's quotes in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!/Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream.
  • Noted in Family Guy in the infamous episode Not All Dogs Go To Heaven, Peter Griffin mentions while praying that he has been stuck on Bald Bull for four years.
  • In Title Defense Mode, if you use a Star Punch before he attacks, a cow is heard and he will dodge it.
  • In all of the 2D Punch-Out!! games, Bald Bull uses the same sprites as Mr Sandman.
    • Coincidentally, the style of his lips and Mr. Sandman's have been mirrored on the Wii version. On the earlier Punch-Out games, Bald Bull had huge lips and Mr. Sandman didn't, while in their recent 2009 appearance, Mr. Sandman has huge lips instead of Bald Bull.
  • Bald Bull and Piston Hondo are the only characters to be featured in the Minor, Major and World Circuits, not counting their Title Defense bouts in Punch Out!! (Wii)
  • Curiously, in the SNES installment of Punch-Out!!, if he knocks you down in his flurry of Bull Charges and you recover, he will switch to his normal fighting stance.
  • Bald Bull is one of the four characters to attack the referee, the others being Aran Ryan, Super Macho Man and Mr. Sandman.
  • It is implied that his "wild man" personality is at least in part an act for the crowd. In his bio montage, he was remarkably calm when encountering the paparazzi (it was only when the paparazzi invaded his privacy when he attacked them). In-between rounds, he speaks in a relatively friendly tone and casually cracks jokes at Doc and Little Mac.
  • In the Contender fight against Bald Bull, if you use a Star Punch at the right time (during the cutscene) the camera will go to the left of Bald Bull and show him and Little Mac from the side. The glitch ends when either of the characters are knocked down or you use a star punch.
  • In Super Smash Bros for 3DS, Bald Bull in his Contender attire appears as a trophy.
  • Bald Bull is also the only boxer that partially goes outside the boxing ring when knocked down. He does this in every game he appears in, with the exception of Super Punch-Out!!
  • Unlike other games (except Punch-Out!! on the NES), in Punch-Out!! (Wii), if you never counter the Bull Charge, Bald Bull will throw 3 uppercuts (4 in Title Defense) instead of just one, but then switch back to his normal fighting stance.
  • The amount of wins that Bald Bull has (34) is the same as the number used in the license plate number for Istanbul.
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