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Mr. Sandman preparing his Berserker Rage

The Berserker Rage is a move that is unique to Mr. Sandman in Punch-Out!! for the Nintendo Wii.


After Little Mac has knocked Mr. Sandman down either twice in the same round or a minimum total of three times during the match (in Title Defense only), Mr. Sandman will growl and he will attempt to bludgeon Mac with at least 14 "Wink Uppercuts", in which the uppercut was copied from Mike Tyson. If Mac manages to withstand the powerful assault, Mr. Sandman will be locked in a stun for the rest of the round. Every three punches that Mac throws at the stunned Sandman will net him a Star. If Little Mac attacks him with a Star Punch while Mr. Sandman is stunned, the result is an instant KO.

Attack Pattern[]

Assuming the view is from Mr. Sandman's position:

  • First part: right, left, and right followed by a pause.
  • Second part: left, right, two lefts, and right followed by a pause.
  • Third part: right, left, two rights, left, and right.