• DarkRookYT V2

    They say that Heike Kagero is the only one who gets up at 1. However, I was battling Sandman the other day and he got up at one. Same day, some hours before, Gabby Jay gets up at 9. I'm confused, it doesn't say those two fighters can get up at those times.

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  • Frankie29

    That's the whole question really.

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  • SNES Mac


    May 27, 2019 by SNES Mac

    I played Punch-Out and finished it so I thought Super Punch-Out would be fun. It is, but one nitpick I have is how SNES Mac FUCKING MOANS when he is hit. I don't mind when characters make noises but my guy sounds like he is being given a blowjob each time he gets hit. He sounds so sexually aroused everytime he gets punched or he gets knocked out, its FUCKING ANNOYING! Do you know how stupid he is when he is viciously punched and getting beat til he's unconscious and then he goes like as if he is having the best orgasm in his life. "E-EUUUUUUUGH!" Its fucking stupid, its like he is mocking me everytime I get hit. Does anyone else find this sensually arousing moans the character makes when hit annoying too?

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  • Brutalrattle1

    Glass Joe is already an easy character but you can beat him in about 30 (in game) seconds.

    Step 1. When he does his taunt, punch him and he will move a little bit, as soon as he steps back to the middle, punch him again in the stomach and you should have 2 stars already

    Step 2. After you do Step 1, punch him in the face 3 times and stop for a split second. Check to see if his gloves are up covering his face or down covering his stomach. If they are up, punch him in the stomach 3 times. If his gloves are down, punch him in the face one more time then punch him 3 times in the stomach. After the 3 punches, keep repeating 3 punches in the face, then stomach. After a while, you should get a star.

    Step 3. After you get the star, he should do hi…

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  • PublicMinority87

    I will add more pages for strageties later, but for now I will do Glass Joe.

    Start wailing on Glass Joe with uppercuts and jabs until he steps back. As soon as he comes forward punch him and you instantly knocked him down

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  • RuRuben Madrid
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  • SonictheHedgehogFan24

    Punch-Out!! has been in a bit of a period of silence lately, and our "Champion from the Bronx" (Little Mac) hasn't made an official appearance since Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. However, all the opponents that he had to face to become Minor, Major, and World Circuit champion (and Special Circuit, if playing Super Punch-Out!! for the SNES) provided a ton of challenges, and a lot of fun, for our hero, and his trainer, Doc Louis. I'm here to count down the "Top 10 Punch-Out!! characters of all time."

    Note: Keep in mind this list is MY OPINION. Others may have different views on the characters. If so, please make your own list.

    "Are you ready? Because I'm gonna put on a show." - Super Macho Man

    Record (Wii): 35-1 (Contender)


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  • Skullmahogany


    July 17, 2015 by Skullmahogany

    I'm an admin! Yea!

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  • Bullet Francisco

    I'm Back

    August 12, 2011 by Bullet Francisco

    I was on a little vacation for the past few months, but no worries, I'm back. --Bullet Francisco14:19, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Bullet Francisco

    I plan on highly expanding this wiki. Here is my plan:

    First, I will make the templates necessary for this wiki.

    Second, I will add the templates to every page based on what they need (Stub, Missing Image, Delete, etc.)

    Third, when my adoption request is successful, I will go through every page and make sure its legit, I will also try to unstub every article, and make pages for all the games and characters.

    Fourth, I will set up the MediaWiki pages.

    Fifth, I will set up a main page.

    Sixth, Upon reaching 200 pages, I will do my best to Spotlight this wiki, attracting new users, and possible admins.

    I plan on making this wiki highly recognized and to do that, I need help. I cant do this on my own, after all.

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