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Nickname(s) 9763 Borg, Super Borg DLX
Species Human-Cyborg
Origin Anargulon 5
Class Solar (first fight)
Intergalactic Contender (second fight)

Borg is the first and ninth opponent in Power Punch II.

Borg sports a mohawk and has various parts of his body replaced with mechanical parts; namely his left eye, right forearm, left elbow and hip, and the lower half of his right leg. Though he is human, his skin is a dull blue colour.

His moves contain jabs and upper cuts.


Solar Championship:

  • "A metal man from the inner colonies, was rebuilt after a terrible spaceship collision. Borg is a real performer and can't help showing off to the crowd."

Final Championship:

  • "Following a humiliating defeat early in his career, Borg went back to the shop for a total overhaul. With a larger brain and faster responses, he's made an amazing comeback.


  • In the unreleased Mike Tyson version of the game, the Super Borg DLX version of this character has a green palette. His comment refers to him as "the most sophisticated model of the Cyborg Men."