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The Bull Charge is the signature move of Bald Bull. He uses this move in every one of his appearances (except Arm Wrestling).

Punch-Out!! (NES) and Super Punch-Out!! (SNES)[]

When Bald Bull uses this move, he moves to the back of the ring, squats down, leaps forward three times, then lands a devastating uppercut that instantly knocks down an opponent. The only way to stop this attack is to punch him right before he lands his attack (at the very end of his third jump), causing him to be knocked down instead. An easy tactic to time this is to look at the right ring corner. A flash of light from a camera will cue the player to throw the body punch, which will almost always work. In his second version, if the player attempts to dodge this uppercut, Bald Bull moves to the back of the ring again and performs a shorter version of the Bull Charge where he hops two times instead of three. If the player then proceeds to avoid this version's uppercut, Bald Bull will repeat the quick Bull Charges, causing a loop that will only end if either one of the opponents land a blow or the round ends, though in Super Punch-Out!! he will eventually stop doing it if the player dodges enough times.

Punch Out!! (Wii)[]


Instead of leaping three times, he stands back, turning red with steam coming out of his nose.   When he stops steaming, he charges and throw a violent uppercut that knocks you down regardless of your health.   If you manage to throw a hook just before the punch, he will go down regardless of his stamina. If you manage to throw a three star punch to counter the bull charge (without getting hit at all), Bald Bull will be instantly knocked out.

Title Defense[]

He does exactly the same thing as in Contender except that he will not go down if you intercept the bull charge (unless from a Star Punch), you will get a star to knock him down. Just after he regains his balance there will be a zoom in on his face. At the same time the camera zooms out, throw a star-punch, he will go down regardless of his health. However, if you do this with a three-star uppercut (without getting hit at all), it will be an instant KO.