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Champions Mode is an optional mode in Punch-Out!! Wii. To unlock it, win ten times in Mac's Last Stand. This is a mode for experts; one hit will knock the player down (with the exception of Title Defense Aran Ryan's Desperate Attack), and opponents will not turn red before an attack, nor will they blink yellow during a taunt with a star opportunity. To turn it on, go to the opponent's screen in Exhibition, and there will be Champion's Mode button at the bottom, between Back and Fight. Selecting this button will activate Champion's Mode, and selecting it again will deactivate it. If you beat an opponent in Champion's Mode, it will grant you their Champions Medal, which can be viewed on the Exhibition screen. Nothing extra is unlocked when you get all the Champion's Medals, nor by getting both all Challenge Medals and Champions Medals, other than the glory of having achieved everything in the game.


  • In rare cases, Champion's Mode is used to get Time World Records, such as TD Piston Hondo and Soda Popinski.
  • If Mac lost in Mac's Last Stand mode and retired before unlocking Champion's Mode, it will become unavailable for the remainder of the game on that profile.
  • The icon of Champion's Mode is a golden trophy with a star.
  • This mode may be a call-back to how Mike Tyson could knock a player down with one-hit in the original Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!.