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Contender Mode is the first part of Career Mode in Punch-Out!! (Wii) in which Little Mac must defeat the boxers in the Minor, Major, and World Circuits and become the W.V.B.A. Champion. After Mac succeeds at this, he will unlock Title Defense Mode  in which he must defend his title of champion against every boxer he just fought.


Minor Circuit Opponents[]

Major Circuit Opponents[]

World Circuit Opponents[]


  • While Playing through this mode, Little Mac will change his look each time he enters a new circuit.
    • In the Minor Circuit, he has green boxing gloves and shorts, and wears a black singlet and black shoes. In the Major Circuit, his gloves become a light blue, his singlet and shorts become dark blue, and his shoes become black and white. In the World Circuit, his gloves become red, and his shorts have blue and white stripes.