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Derec Nodden
Species Buglin
Origin Nilfheim 23
Class Solar

Derec Nodden is the second opponent in Power Punch II.

Derec is a humanoid alien with red and yellow skin and long black hair, with long black hair and a small beard. His eyes are large and buglike, and he wears a red jacket with black trousers and sports tape around his ankles.


"Erec Nodden's older brother. Takes his time to line up his punches, but rarely misses. Rush him to extremes and double your chances for success."


  • His planet of origin is named almost identically to Niflheim, an icy realm from Norse mythology.
  • In the unreleased Mike Tyson version of the game, Derec was instead named Nodden Winker, a reference to the phrase "a nod and a wink".