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Fling Long Chop
Fling Long Chop C64.png
Nickname(s) FLC
Nationality Japanese
Age Unknown
Boxing record
Rank ?
Total fights ?
Wins ?
Wins by KO ?
Losses ?
Draws ?
No contests ?

Fling Long Chop is a competitor in Frank Bruno's Boxing. His description is "All the way from the Land of the rising Hi-Fi comes Fling Long Chop, a martial arts master of 'No-Can-Do'".


Fling Long Chop is the second opponent in the game. His attacks are the same as Dragon Chan's in the Super Punch-Out!! (arcade) video game.


Fling Long Chop is more than likely Dragon Chan, who appears in Super Punch-Out!! on the arcade which came out in 1984 and Super Punch-Out!! on SNES, which came out in 1994.