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Species Unknown
Origin Unknown
Class Unknown

Fly-Mo is the thirteenth and final opponent in Power Punch II.

Fly-Mo is a large blue alien with a pointed head and mohawk hairstyle, wearing visor-like black sunglasses. Like Grathnox 4 he moves via mechanical means rather than with his legs, floating around in a UFO-like hovering craft with a fan underneath. Instead of boxing gloves his hands are encased in glowing spheres.

He is extremely hard and fast, throwing a fast line of uppercuts and jabs. If he knocks Mark Tyler out he gloats by taking off his shades and smiling with a wink; however if he loses, he retreats inside his craft and puts out a small white flag of surrender.


"This guy is so cool he'll make you shiver. He claims to be the undisputed champion of the universe. He literally cruises through his fights. Never really been challenged."