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Frank Bruno-s Boxing - 1985 - Elite Systems Ltd .jpg

Frank Bruno's Boxing, also known as Frank Bruno's World Championship Boxing, is an unofficial clone of Super Punch-Out!! for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad. In this game, you play as the British boxer Frank Bruno instead of Little Mac as he fights his way to be the champion of the Elite Video Boxing Association. There are eight opponents in the game: the first three are taken from Super Punch-Out!!, with their names changed, and five new characters replacing Great Tiger and Super Macho Man.


Canadian Crusher[]

Canadian Crusher C64.png

Fling Long Chop[]

Fling Long Chop C64.png

Andra Puncheredov[]

Andra Puncheredov C64.png

Tribal Trouble[]

Tribal Trouble C64.png

Frenchie France[]

Frenchie C64.png

Ravioli Mafiosi[]

Ravioli Mafiosi C64.png

Antipodean Andy[]

Antipodean Andy C64.png

Peter Perfect[]

Peter Perfect C64.png



  • In real life Frank Bruno faced Mike Tyson two times, but lost both fights.