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Grathnox 4
Nickname(s) Grathnox 4B
Species Panzer-Mute
Origin Procyon Base
Class Galactic (first fight)
Intergalactic Contender (second fight)

Grathnox 4 is the sixth and tenth opponent in Power Punch II, reappearing under the name Grathnox 4B.

A large freckled or hairy humanoid, Grathnox 4 wears a military cap or helmet with a patch over his right eye and a belt of ammunition slung over his right shoulder. Instead of legs, he moves around on a set of miniature set of tank treads attached to the underside of his torso.


Galactic Championship:

  • "Once a colonel in the Cyber-Tank Corps, he retired to pursue a career in boxing. Has been very successful, but is now getting a little soft around the middle."

Final Championship:

  • "The tank is back. He's determined to make his mark in IGBF history. He's charging through the ranks. It's up to you to stop his advance."


  • Procyon is a real star located in the constellation of Canis Minor.
  • His species refers to the Panzerkampfwagen, often shortened to Panzer, a kind of German military vehicle which his lower body seems to consist of.
  • In the unreleased Mike Tyson version of the game, Grathnox 4 was instead two separate but nearly identical characters.
    • Grathnox 4 was the sixth opponent, referred to as "the first of the Panzer-Mute contenders". His comment says that "Grathnox has never used his size and strength to his advantage. Insults will really get him below the belt." The coloration of this Grathnox was redder than the Grathnox from the final game.
    • Abrahm Charger was the tenth opponent, identical to the Grathnox 4 from the final game, and with a similar comment. He is referred to by the nickname The Tank.