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Species Dwarf
Origin Nilfheim 6
Class Intergalactic Contender

Hammerhand is the eleventh opponent in Power Punch II.

He is a palette swap of the Nodden brothers, with purple skin and a black jacket. Purple or metallic spikes stick out from both his jacket and his purple or grey helmet.


"Hammerhand is well known throughout the circuit. He's out to prove that big doesn't mean better. He's very fast, making it hard to close off the ring against him."


  • His species and planet of origin both refer to Norse mythology, being named identically or almost identically to the dwarfs and the world of Niflheim of Norse myth, respectively.
    • Judging by its name, his world of origin would also seem to be located in the same system as the homeworld of Erec and Derec Nodden.