Little Mac knocks down Bear Hugger with a Star Punch in live Television

In boxing, a knockdown (KD) is when a boxer gets tired enough to fall down to the mat (in Punch-Out!!'s case, when the stamina bar is empty). The referee begins to count, and if he reaches to 10, it's a knockout. However, the fallen boxer can get back up and continue the fight. In Punch-Out!!, if a boxer gets knocked down three times, it's a technical knockout. Only two opponents are capable of having one knockdown always being a knockout: King Hippo and Doc Louis. There are currently 42 known One-Hit Knockdowns in this game, which are opportunities that, no matter how much the opponent's stamina have, allow you to knock him down within one hit. (i.e. Using an uppercut on Contender Von Kaiser while he's stunned)