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The Knockout Punch is a move found in Super Punch-Out!!. To use a Knockout Punch, the player must fill the Power Meter at the bottom of the screen by hitting their opponents. Once filled, the "S" at the end of the meter begins to flash, signally a Knockout Punch is ready. The player must also keep in mind that taking hits from boxers will result in the Power Meter decreasing in level. Knockout Punches are thrown by using the A button.

Note that boxers such as Hoy Quarlow and Nick Bruiser slump off to the side while stunned, which means you have to be careful about what Knockout Punch you throw, otherwise you'll miss completely and leave yourself open to a counter attack. Opponents can also block or dodge Knockout Punches.

Types of Knockout Punches[]

  • Knockout Uppercut: Press Up and the A Button to throw a powerful right uppercut towards the opponent's head.
  • Knockout Hook: Press the A Button to throw a powerful left hook towards the opponent's body.
  • Rapid Jabs: Press Up and the A button twice to begin rapidly throwing alternating jabs at the opponent's head, alternating between right hand and left hand.
  • Rapid Body Blows: Press the A button twice for rapid alternating body blows, alternating between left hand and right hand.