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Lex Lumpblocker

Nickname(s) Lex
Species Human Mutant
Origin Satellite Lex
Class Galactic (first fight)
Intergalactic Champion (second fight)

Lex Lumpblocker is the fifth and twelfth opponent in Power Punch II.

Lex is a palette swap of Alpha Bonehead, wearing brown rags and purple socks. His head is that of a slightly deformed human's, with eyes sitting at different angles and brown hair sticking straight out of his head, jawline and brow.


Galactic Championship:

  • "Ex sparring partner for the previous IGBF champion, Lex is now fighting his own way to the top. Use your punches wisely before he gets the upper hand."

Final Championship:

  • "Determined to get to the top, Lex went back to the gym to improve his skills. With newly developed lightning-quick reflexes and sharp jabs, you'll be lucky to last a round."


  • Lex' backstory was drastically changed from the unreleased Mike Tyson version of the game, where he instead "learned his trade as a bouncer at the Barble-Mute Disco in Lumpabrook" and is "a seasoned brawler."
    • Instead of a second fight with Lex, the twelfth opponent in this version of the game is a separate palette swapped character called Leo Leftjab, who has the same comment as the first fight with Lex in the final game.
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