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"You really sure? Three losses and you call it quits?"

Mac's Last Stand is the last part of Career mode, which is unlocked after beating TD Mr. Sandman and completing Title Defense Mode. After successfully defending his title, Mac decides that he'll go out in a blaze of glory: fighting challenger after challenger until he loses three bouts, at which point he will retire from boxing forever. The game mode pits you against randomly-chosen opponents, which are continually chosen until you accumulate three losses. During a match, the 'Restart' and 'Quit' functions will not be available in the Pause menu; you must finish the match in one go, win or lose. To unlock Champion's Mode, you must win ten total fights. If you retire, Career Mode becomes locked and unplayable forever, and you must create a new profile to play Career Mode again. However, Mac can still review his previous fights in career mode, fight all of the opponents in Exhibition mode, and participate in Head-To-Head matches.


Every opponent from Title Defense is available, but chosen from random. You have a chance to fight Donkey Kong, the secret fighter in the game.

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