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Mad Clown
Snes mad clown.gif
Rated at 390 lbs. (180 kg)
Nationality Italian
Age 27
From Milan, Italy
Stance Orthodox
First appearance Super Punch-Out!! (February 1994)
Boxing record
Rank #1 World Circuit
Total fights 26
Wins 17
Losses 9

Mad Clown (マッド・クラウン Maddo Kuraun) is a traveling circus clown who decided to take up boxing. He made his only appearance in the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!! as the third boxer in the World Circuit as well as the #1 for the World Circuit Championship.


Super Punch-Out!! (1994)[]


According to the manual for Super Punch-Out!! (SNES), Mad Clown was originally an opera singer. After having a nervous breakdown, he abandoned his singing career to join the circus. The monotony of performing the same juggling routines night after night, combined with being forced to drive a car that was much too small, prompted him to take up boxing.

Mad Clown juggles and throws six juggling balls at his opponent. Like his palette swap Bear Hugger, his stomach becomes invulnerable to body blows and uses hugging attacks. He has very high defense and power. After two knockdowns, his cornerman shouts "Show Time!" Mad Clown gets more aggressive and does three jabs along with a hook. However, he doesn't defend himself against the player's punches. Most of his punches can be countered by a counter-punch to the face, allowing the player many opportunities to get in some strong hits.

Instant KD Trick:

When he performs a juggle, wait until he does his hugging attack and do a precisely-timed uppercut.


  1. Jab: He does a jab. Sometimes it's followed by a hook when hit.
  2. Hook: He does a hook. The player will get hit if dodged at the incorrect time.
  3. Uppercut: He does a standard uppercut.
  4. Backhand: He does a fake uppercut, followed by a backhand hook. He can do this from the left or right. Dodge in the opposite direction he starts or you’ll be hit.
  5. "Show Time!": After two knockdowns, his cornerman says this. Mad Clown gets more aggressive and does three quick jabs along with a hook, then three jabs with the opposite hand and an uppercut, then two jabs and two backhands. However, he doesn't defend himself against the player's punches, allowing the player to counter.
  6. Ear Clap: He does an ear clap after doing a short taunt. This must be ducked. If he manages to grab the player, he will shake them, throw them to the side and do a quick uppercut.
  7. Taunt: Taunts by tapping his belly twice. Can be hit with a body blow for a stun. Trying to hit him too early will cause him to dodge and counter-attack with a body blow.
  8. Juggle: Mad Clown juggles and throws six juggling balls at his opponent (two at a time), then comes down with an ear clap which must be ducked. There is an open window where a ball is not being thrown: left, center or right. Dodge to where the open window is (the area with the open window is random).

Dizzy Knockdown: Mad Clown will move right, then left, then to the center. Hit him when he is centered.

Rule Infractions[]

As per the unified rules of boxing established by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combat Sports:

  • Mad Clown has the distinction of having the most illegal boxing attire out of the entire Punch-Out!! roster:
    • His overalls go below his knees which isn't allowed in boxing.
    • Instead of boxing shorts, he wears overalls.
    • He wears a checkered shirt during the match. Professional boxing don't allow torso coverings making his checkered shirt illegal.
    • His clown face-paint & big red clown nose count as face covering which is illegal.
    • When he gets punched, he reveals that he's wearing a yellow bowtie. This counts as an illegal accessory.
    • He could be wearing a green wig. If he is then he wouldn't be allowed to wear it as professional boxing don't allow boxers to wear headgear during the match.
      • However, he could have simply dyed his natural hair color.
  • He also has a highly illegal fighting style too:
    • He taunts during the match which is not allowed in boxing.
    • Moves not done using a clenched fist are illegal making his ear-clap and backhand illegal.
    • Grabbing your opponent is legal but throwing them off your grip isn't.
    • His clown balls count as the use of a foreign object giving him 6 infractions for bringing and using 6 balls.
    • When Mad Clown winds up for his juggle ball special move, he shows a little bit of his back. This counts as throwing the match which is illegal.
    • His "Show Time!" phase has him doing rapid punches. Rapid punches are banned in boxing making this illegal.

Mad Clown has 17.5 infractions



  • "Welcome! Now let's get this show on the road." (first match)
  • "Huh? Don't you like my show?" (rematch)
  • "Go home! The show is over." (endgame)
  • "Show Time!" (his cornerman, after being knocked down twice, telling him to start a flurry of moves)


  • Mad Clown's character is a reference to Pagliaccio, the lead character in the opera Pagliacci by Ruggero Leoncavallo.
    • He is from Milan, the city in which Pagliacci premiered.
    • His nervous meltdown during his opera career is an allusion to a similar scene where Pagliaccio has a breakdown upon hearing his wife confess her love to another man during one of his troupe's performances.
    • Additionally, his endgame quote "Go home! The show is over!" is a slightly mistranslated version of Pagliacci's closing line.
  • As this is actually a fun fact, Mad Clown does wears boxing shoes despite him wearing a clown uniform. It's possibly that he was mean to wear clown shoes but due to his personal difficulties he had to wear real boxing shoes.
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