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Narcis Prince
Snes narcis prince.gif
Rated at 150 lbs. (68 kg)
Nationality British
Age 20
From London England (UK)
Stance Orthodox
First appearance Super Punch-Out!! (February 1994)
Boxing record
Rank #3 Special Circuit
Total fights 15
Wins 12
Losses 3

Narcis Prince (ナルシス・プリンス Narushisu Purinsu) made his only appearance in the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!! as the first boxer in the Special Circuit. He is a vain British ivy-leaguer. His name is a play on narcissist, and he is one of two boxers in the game to not have a palette swap (the other being Hoy Quarlow) and three overall (the third being King Hippo).


Super Punch-Out!! (1994)[]

Sprite narcis prince02.png

In the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!!, Narcis' normal fighting style is noticably more skillful than some of the earlier opponents, as he tends to balance defense with offense, dodging and blocking often, and is capable of countering failed attacks to his face.

Alongside his above-average defense, His standard punches are also reasonably powerful, and is also armed with a dangerous combo which consists of three very quick and powerful jabs to the face, which when all the jabs hit, can take off up to 3/5 of your boxer's health.

Narcis will always block punches to his face, however when he throws an uppercut, the player will then need to dodge and punch him in the stomach and will finally get the chance to punch his face. But soon after, he will stumble away and will soon become enraged. While angry, Narcis attacks in a blind rage, flinging punches recklessly. In this state, his face is open, which is helpful since face punches inflict a lot of damage to him. When he recovers before the 10 count, he may cover his face with his fists and an exclamation mark will appear over his head, afterwards he shakes his head in order to snap out of his rage. However, his widened eyes and opened mouth are still visible during this stance. This indicates he has calmed down.

However, the price to pay is that his attacks become noticably faster and more powerful. If either boxer stays on their feet long enough, Narcis' corner man tells him to calm down after about 20 seconds, causing Narcis to return to his normal fighting stance.

When he knocks down his opponent, he leans against one of the corner posts whilst tapping his foot, waiting patiently for him to get back up. Narcis laughs at your boxer if he wins by KO. If he wins by time up, he throws some punches.


  • Jab: Narcis throws one jab.
  • Hook: Narcis does a hook which can hit high or low (high only when angry).
  • Uppercut: Narcis Prince does an uppercut. If this is dodged and countered, it will result in a stun, opening his face for attack.
  • Triple Jab: Narcis Prince flickers, then does three powerful jabs. His face is open for attack before the move starts.
  • "Stay calm, mattey": When the cornerman says this, then the effects of Narcis Prince being hit in the face will be nullified.

Dizzy Knockdown: Narcis Prince will sit down. Hit him when he does that.

Opponent Debug Commands:

Narcis Prince will still move to the sides periodically, and he will calm down after being angry for a few seconds, but the cornerman will say nothing.
Nothing on D-Pad Left Uppercut Left Jab Triple Jab Right Jab
Up Right Uppercut Left Jab (Left Hook if angry) Triple Jab Right Jab (Right Hook if angry)
Down Right Uppercut Left Body Blow Triple Jab Left Body Blow

Rule Infractions[]

Despite being British, (Britain being the nation that created and perfected modern day boxing) Narcis does have a few infractions under his belt at the ripe age of 20.

As per the unified rules of boxing established by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combat Sports:

  • Narcis wears two shirts. Professional boxing doesn't allow torso coverings making his yellow vest & peach jersey illegal.
  • Instead of boxing shorts, he wears skin-tight basketball shorts.
  • Instead of boxing shoes or boxing boots, he wears jogging sneakers.
  • Narcis's hair goes below his face. This counts as improperly styled long hair and he is at risk of having his hair obscuring his vision or getting removed by force.
  • One of his dodges involves him spinning around, and he shows his back for a brief second while doing it. This counts as giving up (throwing the match) or prolonging it (as boxers cannot hit an opponent's back) which is not allowed.
  • His record is 12-3 meaning he only competed in 15 matches. Competing in professional boxing requires competing in 20 matches meaning Narcis needs to compete in 5 more matches in order to compete in the Special Circuit.

Narcis Prince has 7 infractions. He also claims that he doesn't like being hit in the face, which begs the question of why he would enter the professional division if he doesn't like being hit in the face.



  • "I will not let you touch my beautiful, beautiful face." (first match)
  • "I won't forgive you if you hurt my face. I just won't do it." (rematch)
  • "Oh, you! You've punched me face. Come 'ere, now!!" (endgame)
  • "Ouch!" (When hit with a KO punch)
  • "Urrrgh!" (When hit in the face)
  • "Owww!" (When knocked down)
  • "Stay calm, mattey" (Narcis' Corner Man, after Narcis remains angered for a set period of time without getting knocked out, causing him to return to normal)
  • "He he he he heh!" (Victory by KO taunt)


  • He is the only opponent in the Special Circuit that uses legal boxing moves (Hoy Quarlow uses a cane to hit Mac, and The Bruiser Brothers smash the mat and hit with their elbows).
  • Narcis Prince is the only Special Circuit contestant that recieves a visible instruction from his cornerman.
  • Narcis Prince is the third youngest boxer in the series, followed by Heike Kagero and Little Mac.
  • His name, fighting style & mannerisms are loosely based on British boxer "Prince" Naseem Hamed.
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