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Nick Bruiser
Snes nick bruiser
Rated at 210 lbs. (95 kg)
Nationality Unknown
Age Unknown (possibly late 20's)
From Unknown
Stance Orthodox
First appearance Super Punch-Out!! (February 1994)
Boxing record
Rank Special Circuit Champion
Total fights 42
Wins 42
Losses 0

Nick Bruiser made his only appearance in the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!! as the main antagonist and final boss in the Special Circuit. He is the older Bruiser brother, possibly in his late 20's but similarly monstrous in appearance.

An issue of Nintendo Power Magazine claimed that Glass Joe's one victory was a freak accident during a bout with Nick Bruiser. Despite this, Nick's canonical record in Super Punch-Out!! is undefeated at 42-0.


Super Punch-Out!! (1994)Edit

Sprite nick bruiser

Nick Bruiser is the twin brother of Rick Bruiser. He is the Special Circuit champion and the main antagonist in the SNES Super Punch-Out!! game. Nick Bruiser has lost only one match against Glass Joe due to a "freak accident". He has fought his brother Rick Bruiser once before and came out victorious; that being Rick's only loss, though Rick claims he let Nick win. Nick has the ability to incapacitate both of Little Mac's hands for a short period of time. He also has a "Dashing Forearm" attack, consisting of 6 jabs to the face and 6 body blows, ending with an uppercut. If you are hit by even one of these punches you will sustain damage even if you successfully block. Nick seems to take boxing much more seriously than his twin brother and it shows in his no-nonsense fighting style. Unlike his brother, Nick does not cheat nearly as often, only hitting Little Mac with his elbow after an uppercut if he lasts long enough in the fight. He will also jump back before leaping forwards into the air for an instant-knockdown hay-maker, followed by two high hooks if you dodge it. If he wins by KO, he will slowly walk to the center of the mat, look straight, pound his chest and look down. If you run out of time, he will slowly walk away to his corner, as he laughs.

Instant KD Trick:

  • When Nick performs his jumping hay-maker (followed by two high hooks). He can be knocked down by performing a perfectly timed uppercut or jab when he is about to land.



  • "............" (first match)
  • "Don't EVEN try..." (rematch)
  • "I'm so ashamed. How could I suffer such total defeat???" (endgame)
  • "Eargh!" (When hit with a KO Punch)
  • "Ruagh..." (Upon knocked down)
  • "Har!" (Time Up taunt)


  • In one issue of the Nintendo Power Magazine, Glass Joe's only win was against Nick Bruiser, despite Nick having an undefeated record (42-0).
  • He is the only fighter in the special circuit that does not laugh when the player loses to him, unless the player loses to him by running out of time.
  • Nick can be KO'd (not TKO'd) by countering every single one of his punches in the first round, which will dizzy him, then Super Punching him on his comeback, which will OHKD him. When he returns, throw a series of low Super Punches, and he'll go down for the ten-count (though he'll only go down on his knees). Using this method, Nick can be beaten in under ten seconds.
  • Nick is the one of the two champions in the entire game that can be KO'd, along with Super Macho Man.
  • In the Best Times for Nick Bruiser, Glass Joe is in 8th place.
  • When dizzy, his animation is a direct copy of Bob Charlie's animation, but only Nick takes him longer to back in the ring than Bob.
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