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A palette swap is a character with a similar body type and animation to another character. Palette swaps have superficial cosmetic differences and usually a few different attacks. Punch-Out!! for the NES and Super Punch-Out!! for the SNES make extensive use of palette swaps to conserve computer memory.

Punch-Out!! & Super Punch-Out!! (Arcade)[]

Glass Joe / Kid Quick

Piston Hurricane / Pizza Pasta / Great Tiger

Bald Bull / Mr. Sandman

Vodka Drunkenski / Super Macho Man

Dragon Chan and Bear Hugger do not have palette swaps.

Punch-Out!! (NES) Palette Swaps[]

Glass Joe / Don Flamenco

Von Kaiser / Great Tiger

Piston Honda / Mike Tyson / Mr. Dream

Bald Bull / Mr. Sandman

Soda Popinski / Super Macho Man

King Hippo has no palette swap.

Super Punch Out!! (SNES) Palette Swaps[]

Gabby Jay / Bob Charlie

Bear Hugger / Mad Clown

Piston Hurricane / Aran Ryan

Bald Bull / Mr. Sandman

Dragon Chan / Heike Kagero

Masked Muscle / Super Macho Man

Rick Bruiser / Nick Bruiser

Narcis Prince and Hoy Quarlow have no palette swaps.