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Pizza Pasta
Rated at 235 lbs. (107 kg)
Nationality Italian
From Napoli, Italy
First appearance Punch-Out!! (1984)
Boxing record
Rank WVBA Ranked Number 2

Pizza Pasta (ピッツァ・パスタ Pittsa Pasuta), like Kid Quick, only appeared in the arcade version of Punch-Out!! as the #1 contender for the WVBA Championship.


Punch-Out!! (1984)[]

F05 - pizza pasta.png

Pizza Pasta's sprite sheet

In the Punch-Out!! arcade game, he fights with basic moves, and is as quick and tough as Kid Quick; however, his most notable move is when he comes in to grab his opponent. As soon as he does this, he throws a very powerful uppercut. Players must keep punching him in the face repeatedly until he goes down. In the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!!, an Irish boxer named Aran Ryan does a superior version of Pizza Pasta's special move, where he not only grabs his opponent, but also regains his health.

After 1984 Debut[]

In Super Punch-Out!! (SNES), the character Aran Ryan shares some similarities with Pizza Pasta, such as them both having the same special attack, having the same palletes, and both looking very similar. While it is currently unknown if Pizza Pasta was originally intended to appear in Super Punch-Out before being scrapped and retooled as a new character, what is true of the connection are the similarities listed above.

Don Flamenco's title bout design in the Wii Version of Punch-Out!! somewhat resembles Pizza Pasta.

Rules Infractions[]

As per the unified rules of boxing established by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combat Sports:

  • There is a chance that Pizza Pasta is wearing a toupee in the match, implying that he's competing with long hair. Long hair isn't allowed in boxing making his (possible) toupee illegal.

Pizza Pasta has 1 (possible) infraction.


  • His name is a reference to Italian food.
  • According to Punch-Out!! creator Genyo Takeda in his interview for the 2009 Punch-Out!! Wii title, the boxer's name "means that he sticks around and is hard to beat down", while former president of Nintendo Co. Ltd. Satoru Iwata said, "Like the way cheese on pizza is sticky."
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