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North American box art
Developer(s) Next Level Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release date JP July 23, 2009
NA May 18, 2009
EU May 22, 2009
AUS August 27, 2009
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player


Rating(s) ESRB:E10
Media Wii Optical Disc
Input methods Wii Remote

Wii Nunchuck

Wii Balance Board

Punch-Out!! (パンチアウト!! Panchi-Auto!!?) is the fifth mainline video game in the Punch-Out!! series, and the third released on consoles. It was developed by Canadian game developer Next Level Games, released on the Wii and published by Nintendo. It was first revealed at Nintendo's conference on October 2, 2008. It was released on May 18, 2009, but was released on May 16th at the Nintendo World Store launch party. In an interview on October 9, 2008, Charlie Scibetta, Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Nintendo of America, confirmed motion control will be used in this game. NES-style controls were also confirmed to be in the game.


Minor Circuit[]

Major Circuit[]

World Circuit[]

Title Defense[]

Once Mac becomes the champion, it's up to him to defend his title. All of the boxers he fought before will now challenge him for the title, with new moves and tricks. The "circuits" are split into World B, World A, and World S, containing the boxers from the Minor, Major, and World Circuits, respectively.

Last Stand[]

Mac's Last Stand is the "epilogue" of the game, simply put after the main Campaign. After beating TD Mr. Sandman, Little Mac decides to retire with a bang: fight every boxer he has ever faced at random, until he loses three times. You can encounter Donkey Kong in this mode. If you lose 3 matches, Little Mac will retire. The Career mode will then no longer be playable on the profile. If you manage to fight 10 opponents without losing, you unlock a toggled Exhibition setting called Champions Mode. In this mode, the red flashes a character makes when he is about to attack and the yellow flashes he makes when a star punch is available are gone, and any hit from an opponent is an Instant Knockdown.

DK Punchout

Donkey Kong as the secret fighter

Other characters[]


  • This the first and currently, the only game to have most foreign characters speak different languages besides English.
  • When Mac loses the first time, Doc will tell him he can practice against his current opponent in Exhibition as a hologram that can not tire Mac or hurt him.
  • This is the first game in the Punch-Out!! series in 15 years, when Super Punch-Out!! was released.
  • If Mac loses to anyone in Career mode, the opponent's win record is increased (like if Mac loses to Glass Joe at least once, his record will go from 1-99 to 2-99). This does not apply to Mac's last stand or Exhibition, however.
  • Princess Peach from the Mario series was initially planned to be an opponent in this game, but was scrapped and replaced with Donkey Kong due to the possible negative reception that could stem from having violence against women in the game during development.
  • A 100% playthrough requires the player to lose at least four times.
  • Every opponent in this game has at least 1 infraction.
  • In the 2023 Super Mario Bros movie, one of the restaurants called Punch-Out Pizzeria is named the series. Many of the pictures on the walls show the opponents based on their appearance in the Wii game.


Production Team
Programming: Erik Benediktson, Duane Bieber, Chris Deas, Scott Hansen, Bryce Holliday, Jonathan Kift, Gary Shaw, Andrew Top, Hewan Woolley, Jason Wylie
Sound Design: Matt Harty, Scott McFadyen, Denise Ng
Music of NES Punch-Out!! Arrangement and Additional Music Composition: Mike Peacock, Darren Radtke, Chad York
Voice Acting: Christian Bernard (Glass Joe), Matt Harty (Little Mac), Riley Inge (Doc Louis, Mr. Sandman), Mike Inglehart (Super Macho Man), Horst Laxton (Von Kaiser), Donny Lucas (Disco Kid), Ihor Mota (Soda Popinski), Takashi Nagasako (Donkey Kong), Richard Newman (Bear Hugger), Juan Amador Pulido (Don Flamenco), Sumit Seru (Great Tiger), Kenji Takahashi (Piston Hondo), Stephen Webster (Aran Ryan), Erse Yagan (Bald Bull)
Front End Design and Art: Paul Gill, Neil Singh
Character Art: Darcy Patko, Jonathan Yao
Environment Art: Anthony Leonati
Special Effects: Aazim Khan
Animation: Chris Auchter, Chris Colibaba, Seng Lau, Jeremy Mathiesen, Aric Norine, Dennis Pena, Cai Wen, Marie Wyatt
Technical Art: Jonathan Snyder
Concept Art: David Enciso, Anthony Iammarino, Nelson Garcia
Game Design: Jamie Ip, Matt McTavish
QA Management: Chris Cleroux, Jahn Myklebust
QA: Chuck Boyle, Jeff Chong, Sam Kirvan, Michael Levesque, Sarah Mah
Game Directors: Jason Carr, Mike Inglehart
Technical Director: Tedd Streibel
Art Director: Eddie Visser
Audio Director: Chad York
Producers: Jared Johnson, Ken Yeeloy
Special Thanks: Audiokinetic, Inc., Jon Adkins (Technical Art), Albert Chau (Audio), Chris Cleroux (Design), Keith Hentschel (Programming), Bryce Holliday (Gameplay Direction), Kalvin Lyle (Art Direction), Reece Mills (Animation), Derek Stenning (Concept Art), Rob Sugama (Front End Art)
Additional Work: David Bokan, Steven Brekelmans, Jung Chan, Mike Vlad Cora, Mike Cline, David Catlin, Noam Chitayat, Ryan Kemp, Andrew Osborne, Jim Randall, Jonathan Soh, Cody Watson, Owen Wiggins, Rob Willock
Next Level Games
CEO: Douglas Tronsgard
President: Eric Randall
Studio General Manager: Edoardo de Martin
PR Coordinator: Pam Saunders
Office Manager: Megumi Asakawa
HR Coordinators: Karen Chan, Elisabeth Kleckner, Melodie Li
IT: Trevor Clark, Simon Roscoe
Receptionist: Jenny Thiessen
Executive Producer: Satoru Iwata
Producer: Kensuke Tanabe
Assistant Producer: Risa Tabata
Supervisors: Genyo Takeda, Shigeru Miyamoto
Coordination: Yuji Ichijo, Akiya Sakamoto
Coordination Assistant: Toshihiko Okamoto
Graphic Supervisors: Yusuke Nakano, Tsuyoshi Watanabe
Title Logo Art: Ryo Koizumi
Storyboard: Naoki Mori
Music of NES Punch-Out!!: Kenji Yamamoto
Technical Support: Hironobu Kakui, Takehiro Oyama
UI Supervisors: Miyako Nishio, Tomoko Ichikawa
Special Thanks: Makoto Wada, Takumi Kawagoe, Atsushi Watanabe, Tomoaki Kuroume, Digital Media Lab, Inc., Super Mario Club
Nintendo of America
Project Development: Todd Buechele
Business Development: Minoru Fukuda, Tom Prata
NOA Localization: Leslie Swan, Nate Bihldorff, Kevin Sullivan, Gema Almoguera, Joanie Grenader, Cesar Perez
NOA Marketing Support: Jeff Miller, Chiko Bird
NOA Product Testing: Masayasu Nakata, Kyle Hudson, Eric Bush, Sean Egan, Arnold A. Myers II, Pat Wells, Teresa Lillygren, Nicko Gonzalez de Santiago, Valeria Soares
Special Thanks: Mindy Bannan, Devon Pritchard
Nintendo of Europe
Additional Coordination: Jan Hennig, Jesús Ángel Rodríguez Gago
All rights, including the copyrights of Game, Scenario, Music and Program, reserved by NINTENDO.

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