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Rick Bruiser
Snes rick bruiser.gif
Rated at 210 lbs. (95 kg)
Age ??
From ???
Stance Southpaw
First appearance Super Punch-Out!! (February 1994)
Boxing record
Rank #1 Special Circuit
Total fights 42
Wins 41
Losses 1

Rick Bruiser (リック・ブルーザー Rikku Burūzā) is the secondary antagonist in the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!! as the third boxer in the Special Circuit as well as the #1 contender for the Special Circuit Championship. He is the younger Bruiser brother but no less monstrous in appearance. His only loss came at the hands of his twin brother, Nick Bruiser, in which both brothers were made to fight as there can only be one champion. The game guide stated that for this one defeat he is very ashamed and will take out his aggression on any contenders that cross his path, contrasting with the good-natured persona he shows in the game. In the game itself, however, Rick Bruiser claims he let his brother win.


Super Punch-Out!! (1994)[]

Sprite rick bruiser02.png

In the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!!, he usually tries to counter-punch and sometimes jumps in the air while throwing a powerful punch. This attack involves him jumping to the center of the ring to shake the ring where the player can't move, then throwing an uppercut that will instantly knock down the player. He is nearly identical to his older brother, Nick, with the exception that he is slightly more pale, talks a lot more and uses a southpaw stance instead of his brother's orthodox stance. He also smiles and wears earrings. He's one of the strongest opponents in the game and has very high defense.


  • Jab: Rick Bruiser throws a jab. He does this when the player's punch goes through his guard.
  • Hook: Rick throws a hook to the body.
  • Uppercut: Rick throws a diagonal uppercut.
  • Uppercut and Elbow: If Rick Bruiser does an Uppercut that goes straight up, he will put his elbow down for another hit.
  • Jump and Uppercut: Rick goes to the back of the ring, jumps forward to shake the ring so the player cannot move, then throws an uppercut to instantly knock the player down. The solution is to dodge before Rick lands.
  • Triple Punch Combo: Rick shakes, then throws a hook, a jab and an uppercut.
  • Arm Disable: If Rick blocks the player's punch, he will swing his elbow to disable the offending arm for a few seconds. The disabled arm will glow until it is enabled again. If one of the player's arms is disabled, then Rick will not disable the other arm as well.

Dizzy Knockdown: Rick Bruiser will slide to the side, then to the center. Punch him when he is centered.

Rule Infractions[]

As per the unified rules of boxing established by the Association of Boxing Commissions and Combat Sports:

  • His age and hometown are unknown, meaning he didn't acquire a legitimate boxing license.
  • Rick Bruiser wears earrings during his fight. Even though earrings are allowed in any other sport, they are banned in boxing as they can get contaminated from blood, sweat and environment of the boxing atmosphere, therefore these must be removed before the bell rings.
  • He uses elbow smashes in the ring, while using your elbow to block is legal using it as a maneuver is illegal as it is not a move performed with the clenched fist.
  • His first match quote is "My brother may be Champ, but only 'cause I let him win. Really I am the best!" Assuming this is not simply Rick talking tough, he threw the match which is not only illegal, but it is also seen as disrespectful.
    • However, he could be using it as an excuse.

Rick Bruiser has 3.5 infractions



  • "My brother may be Champ, but only 'cause I let him win. Really I am the best!" (first match)
  • "Having a rough day, buddy? I'll tell my brother that you said "Hi."" (rematch)
  • "I'm OK, but Nick is just sick about his loss." (endgame)
  • "Eegh!" (when hit with a KO Punch)
  • "Yargh!" (when knocked down)
  • "Heh heh heh heh heh!" (When the player loses)


  • He and Bear Hugger are the only boxers in Super Punch-Out!! (SNES) to use a southpaw stance.
  • His first match quote may be true, since Nick is the only one of the Bruiser twins that has a known way to be defeated via K.O.
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