Don Flamenco preparing the Rose Flurry

This Is Don Flamenco's Signature Move. He will count up in Spanish, and clap his hands on one side of his body. The count signifies the number of hooks that will be thrown, and the side on which he claps during each number shows the side he will throw the hook from, and the way the player should dodge.


Three hooks from the left. Dodge left to tire Flamenco out after I three punches. Duck to make him give you an uppercut after three hooks.

Title DefenseEdit

He alternates directions now, and sometimes launches two consecutive hooks from one direction. After every KD, he adds another hook to his attack, stopping at five after you knock him down twice. You must dodge in the direction he throws the hook.

  • Before his first KD, he will throw three hooks
  • Before his second KD, he will throw four hooks
  • After his second KD and onward, he will throw five hooks

Also, it is worth noting that he gets faster after every KD.