A Signature Move is the most powerful move in a character's arsenal. A list is as follows;

NOTE: The slashes between some attacks indicate their Title Defense attack in Punch-Out!! for the Wii, along with their Contender attack. For Aran Ryan's moves, the attack to the left of the semicolon indicates his attack in Super Punch-Out!! for the SNES; the attacks to the right indicate the ones in Punch-Out!! for the Wii. For Mr. Sandman's, the attack on the left indicates his attack for all games besides Super Punch-Out!!, and the attack on the right indicates the one in Super Punch-Out!!.

Little Mac - Star Punch

Doc Louis - Star Punch

Glass Joe - Vive La France Taunt/Liberte Taunt

Von Kaiser - Von Kaiser Wave

Disco Kid - Disco Flurry

King Hippo - Hippo Squeeze/Hippo Squeeze 'n Squash

Piston Hondo - Banzai Rush

Bear Hugger - Bear Hug/Catch and Release

Great Tiger - Rushing Magic Attack

Don Flamenco - Rose Flurry

Aran Ryan - Irish Jig

Soda Popinski - Soda Fury

Bald Bull - Bull Charge

Super Macho Man - Super Macho Clothesline Attack

Mr. Sandman - Dreamland Express

Donkey Kong - Leaping Attack

Gabby Jay - Yay Taunt

Piston Hurricane - Hurricane Rush

Bob Charlie - Shuck and Jive

Dragon Chan - Dragon Kick

Masked Muscle - Spit

Heike Kagero - Mirage Dance

Mad Clown - Show Time

Narcis Prince - London Lashings

Hoy Quarlow - Staff Wave

Rick Bruiser - The Rumbler Blow

Nick Bruiser - Dashing Forearm

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