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Narcis Prince in the Special Circuit ring

The Special Circuit is the fourth circuit in the Punch-Out!! series. It has only appeared in Super Punch-Out!!. It has the most difficult opponents in the game.

The Special Circuit badge is a dragon, according to the belt and canvas.

To get to the Special Circuit, you must complete the Minor, Major, and World Circuits without losing a single match. If you are knocked out, you need to start the circuit all over again. The circuit is extremely challenging, containing boxers with very tricky move sets.

The Special Circuit consists of 4 Fighters: Narcis Prince, Hoy Quarlow, Rick Bruiser, and Nick Bruiser. After beating Nick Bruiser, the end credits will roll, showing all the fighters you have beaten. At the end of the credits, it will show a screen of Nick knocked out and Little Mac posing victoriously. His victory quote is based on your final win/loss record.


  • Nick Bruiser, the champion of Special Circuit, has once lost to Glass Joe by accident according to a Nintendo Power Magazine, although the SNES game denies this.
  • This is the only circuit in Super Punch-Out!! with one or more characters who aren't a palette swap of any character. These characters are Narcis Prince and Hoy Quarlow.