The player stuns Bald Bull in Punch-Out!! (NES).

A stun refers to when your opponent becomes very vulnerable and allows you to throw a lot of punches. This usually occurs when the player dodges an attack, and then hits the opponent. However, in Aran Ryan's case, most of his attacks have to be counter-punched in order to stun him. The last punch on the stun deals slightly more damage than a regular punch, and it also knocks the opponent back. The damage boost doesn't apply to Star Punches. The smallest amount of punches that can be landed is 2, by Title Defense Soda Popinski after countering the first attack (with or without getting the combo reset), and by Title Defense Bear Hugger if you don't use a one- or two-star Star Punch (A three-star Star Punch knocks him down). The largest amount of punches that can be landed is 18, if you manage to get to that amount fast enough with Title Defense Soda Popinski. In some cases, the amount of punches depends on how fast you dodge an attack (i.e. how fast you dodge Soda Popinski's/Bald Bull's uppercut). There are three cases in which you can get a star from a stun. The first is by evading an entire combination from a rope attack from Aran Ryan, and then landing seven punches. The second is by dodging (not ducking) the entire Rose Flurry from Don Flamenco, and hitting him, which will give you a star and stun him. The third is by dodging almost the entire Rose Flurry from Don Flamenco, then using a three-star Star Punch on the last one, which will knock him down, which causes a glitch. When he gets up, landing two punches will give you a star and stuns him, so you can get two stars from two punches very quickly. There are also cases where the opponent can be stunned for a much longer time than usual (i.e. surviving Title Defense Mr. Sandman's Berserk Mode).

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