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Super KO Boxing 2 is a Punch-Out!!-like game made by Glu that can be downloaded on the IOS.

Similarities to Punch-Out!![]

There are lots of character similarities to Punch-Out!! from Super KO Boxing, which include:

KO Kid is similar to Little Mac as both are the main protagonist and KO Kid is blonde-haired just like Little Mac's Super Punch-Out!! incarnation.

Big Gip is a parody of Bear Hugger as both are fat and have facial hair even though they are bald. They both wear clothes as well.

El Bulli might be a parody of Don Flamenco, as both come from Spain and they are both skinny. El Bulli's "opponent down" animation depicts bull heads swivelling around him, similar to how Don Flamenco is shown to be a bullfighter.

15 Cent may be a reference to Super Macho Man as both have golden necklaces and their special attacks involve a taunt, then attacking repeatedly.

Shogun may be a reference to Great Tiger as both have dark skin and the attack Shogun performs involves attacking in the darkness is similar to Great Tiger's Mirage Dance attack.

King Tub is a reference to King Hippo, as both have the word "King" for the first word of their names and both are obese boxers.

Sake Bomb is possibly a parody of Piston Hondo as both come from Japan, they have hachimaki headbands and Sake Bomb's special punch resembles the Hondo Rush, Piston Hondo's special move. Additionally, their intro themes sound very similar.