Mike Tyson giving Little Mac a TKO on the first round.

A technical knock-out (TKO) is a special term used in boxing, considered by the judges, when one boxer seems too wounded to continue.

In the Punch-Out!! games when a boxer forfeits the match after being knocked down a certain numbers of times. In the NES, SNES, and Wii editions of Punch-Out!!, a TKO occurs after a boxer is knocked down three times within a single round. There are some opponents who can only be beaten by TKO.

In Punch-Out!!  for the Wii, Hitting the - button on your wii remote can save Mac from going down (TKO's only.) and losing the match. Instead, he will almost go down, then suddenly put his foot down and raise his head angrily, then the fight will continue with you regaining half your health. (Note: You must hit the - button at the right time, otherwise Mac will fall down and lose to TKO)

Animations Edit

  • Glass Joe- Is sent flying backwards in slow motion as croissants spill everywhere.
  • Von Kaiser- Gets punched hard in the jaw and stands up straight, clearing his throat before falling backwards with both legs together and straight upwards.
  • Disco Kid- Hit with a seemingly weak punch and spins around the arena, ricocheting off the glowing posts before falling on his face and casually saying "Ouch!"
  • King Hippo- Stumbles backwards in slow-motion as his stomach audibly rubs against his shorts. He ends up falling out of the ring. Tropical fruits fall past the screen.
  • Piston Hondo- Is blasted back but is caught by the ropes. They launch him back but he falls forwards.
  • Bear Hugger- With leaves and fishbones flying everywhere, he is caught by the ropes but falls asleep against a post. In Title Defense, however, he loses the toque he wore in the fight while the squirrel falls off.
  • Great Tiger- Is hit with an uppercut, causing him to disappear and appear repeatedly before falling sideways. In title defense, he disappears and doesn't reappear.
  • Don Flamenco- Staggers about the arena as if he was stabbed in an opera. He sniffs a rose, nodding in approval before falling backwards. The rose then wilts. In contender, petals fall on him, while in Title Defense, they don't.
  • Aran Ryan- Is blasted into the ropes and gets tangled. He is seen twitching as if he is trying to escape.
  • Soda Popinski- Does a 180° turn and falls forward like a board. Upon falling, he attempts to grab a bottle of soda, but it falls out of the ring.
  • Bald Bull- The camera alternates between Bald Bull and Little Mac as he totters around the arena before collapsing.
  • Super Macho Man- Money is knocked everywhere as he spins in midair and falls to the floor.
  • Mr. Sandman- Is punched several times (with a camera flashing on the final hit), says "Dreamland..." in slow motion and slides across the floor on his back.)