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Texas Mac
B01 - texas mac (big).png
Nickname(s) Stud-Horse
Nationality American
First appearance Arm Wrestling (1985)
Boxing record

Texas Mac only appears in Arm Wrestling, and is the first opponent the player wrestles. He has the same body type as Mask X (Bald Bull).

Arm Wrestling[]

Texas Mac is the first and easiest opponent the player wrestles. The game provides instructions in this first match, showing you exactly how to defeat him. You are even given the opportunity to play again if you lose the first time. When Texas Mac is defeated, his hat flies off revealing his bald head.

The player wrestles Texas Mac.

After the first loop, Texas Mac becomes a lot more difficult, due to him gaining a new move where he exhales from his nose faster and faster until a ding sound is heard and he will then attempt to pull his arm down. What makes this attack problematic is that while the attack is happening, the timer doesn't pause, and once it hits 1:00.00, you will lose. However, this can all be skipped by pulling his arm right when the fight begins, doing it correctly will give you an opportunity to get Power, which will instantly win you the match.