Title Defense Mode is a fight mode introduced in Punch-Out!! (Wii) that's unlocked after beating Contender mode. It is the second part of Career mode.

It features Little Mac as the boxing champion having to defend his belt against all of his previous opponents, all of whom have new punches, attack schemes, and the ability to dodge star punches. Every opponent has also changed their appearance; for example, Don Flamenco has changed his clothes from red to black, and Von Kaiser has shaved his head to give himself a military hairstyle. If Mac loses at least once against someone, he will lose his belt and it will remain in front of the opponent (or on Mr. Sandman) Mac lost aganist until he is defeated and Mac gets his belt back.


World B opponentsEdit

World A opponentsEdit

World S opponentsEdit


  • After losing to Mr. Sandman, the cutscene when Mac first faces him in Contender mode plays when initiating a rematch.
    • However, the only difference (besides his new look) is that he doesn't look down.
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