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Title Defense Mode is a gameplay mode introduced in Punch-Out!! (Wii). It is unlocked after beating Contender Mode and is the second part of Career Mode. It features Little Mac defending his Champion title against all his previous opponents, all of whom have changed their appearance and have more advanced skills when compared to their previous fight.

In Title Defense Mode, all opponents have new attacks, a new and less predictable attack scheme, the ability to dodge Star Punches, and increased resistance against them. If the player loses a Title Defense fight, Little Mac will be forced to give up the Champion Belt to his opponent. If the player wins every Title Defense match, they will unlock Last Stand Mode.


World B opponents[]

  • Glass Joe wears protective headgear, is slightly faster, takes less damage from Star Punches, and can fake out his moves.
  • Von Kaiser sports a flat top haircut, can fake out his moves, has a new one-hit knockdown attack, and can counter dodged punches.
  • Disco Kid wears a purple leotard, sports an afro, has new attacks, taunts less often, reduces delays between attacks after being knocked down once, and can counter punches after blocking or dodging them.
  • King Hippo wears a larger crown, has a manhole taped over his stomach, leaves himself vulnerable to stuns less often, has new attacks, and has more stamina.

World A opponents[]

  • Piston Honda wears black and white clothing, is faster, can dodge and counter punches, has new attacks, and has stronger versions of his previous attacks.
  • Bear Hugger wears a toque, is accompanied by a boxing squirrel, has new attacks, has delayed or fake versions of his previous attacks, takes less damage during stuns, and will always dodge Star Punches thrown without stunning him or countering his attacks.
  • Great Tiger wears black and white clothing, sports a larger turban, has new attacks, reacts quicker to counters, disappears more after each knockdown, and has more difficult versions of his previous attacks.
  • Don Flamenco wears black and red clothing, carries a black rose, taunts less often after being knocked down once, has new attacks, has more powerful versions of his previous attacks, and can dodge and counter punches.

World S opponents[]

  • Aran Ryan wears dark blue shorts with Little Mac's gloves, has a homemade flail that he can use for attacking, is faster, and can attack while being knocked down.
  • Soda Popinski wears purple clothing, is faster and more powerful, and has new attacks.
  • Bald Bull wears dark red clothing, can only be knocked down with a Star Punch, and can delay his punches.
  • Super Macho Man wears dark blue clothing, has grown out his hair, is faster and more powerful, and can counter attacks.
  • Mr. Sandman wears black clothing, has a new shaved haircut, and has new attacks. He is the final boss of Title Defense Mode.
  • Donkey Kong is a secret opponent who can be unlocked during Last Stand Mode.


  • After losing to Mr. Sandman, the cutscene when Mac first faces him in Contender Mode plays when initiating a rematch. However, he does not look down when the cutscene plays under these circumstances.
  • While everyone in Title Defense can dodge star punches, the World B opponents still sometimes react with fear when Mac initiates a star punch, rather than dodging. This isn't as common while fighting against Von Kaiser, but when it does happen, he reacts the same way he would during a Contender Mode match.
  • Every Title Defense boxer has a different icon during matches except for Aran Ryan.