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Hi! I'm Mulle300 and I'm a huge Punch-Out!! fan. I've helped this site a lot with many new articles and improvements. It sure is nice that you wanted to visit my user page!

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Top ten (unconfirmed) characters that I want to see in Punch-Out (Wii)Edit

10. Pizza Pasta (Confirmed!... not to appear..)

9. Piston Hurricane (Confirmed!... not to appear..)

8. Great Tiger (confirmed!)

7. Soda Popinski (confirmed!)

6. Mr. Sandman (confirmed!)

5. Narcis Prince (Confirmed!... not to appear..)

4. not Hoy Quarlow (Confirmed!... not to appear... YES!!)

3. Masked Muscle (Confirmed!... not to appear..)

2. Dragon Chan (Confirmed!... not to appear..)

1. Super Macho Man (confirmed!)

Many favourites were left out from the game. What a shame.

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