The World Video Boxing Association, commonly abbreviated WVBA, is the fictional boxing association which sanctions the matches in the Punch-Out!! series of games. It is a parody of the real-life World Boxing Association. The WVBA was founded in or before the year 1984 (when the Punch-Out!! arcade game debuted) and reached its peak between 1987 and 1990 (when the first home console games were released). It sank into obscurity after 1994, only to resurface in 2009.

Circuits Edit

The WVBA is usually composed of three circuits; the Minor Circuit, the Major Circuit, and the World Circuit. In 1990, the WVBA introduced a new Special Circuit for higher-ranking boxers.


The WVBA is infamous for its unique rules, including the three-knockdown TKO rule, bouts which last only 3 rounds or a single round of unlimited time, and a complete disregard for weight classes. Another is allowing the referee to decide the winner in a decision, leading to "unfair hometown decisions". It is also guilty of looking the other way when cheating occurs, whether it be kicking, spitting, or even the use of weapons and magic. When the WVBA returned in 2009, it added a rule which allows boxers who have suffered 100 losses to wear headgear during sanctioned bouts. A common theory is that the WVBA only has these rules:

  • The boxers must wear gloves.
  • Three knockdowns in one round equals a TKO.
  • Each fight consists of three 3-minute rounds.
  • If the fight does not end in a form of KO within the three rounds, a decision victory is called by the referee.
  • When the opponent is knocked down, the other boxer must not interfere with their recovery.
  • Once a boxer has become world champion and wishes to retire, they must lose at least three times before being allowed to leave the ring.
  • A new boxer must progress through the circuits in order.
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